Daniel Blood d 6 May 1841

If you remember, or want to go back to review, I reported on 10 December 2010 that Daniel was my brick wall – the end of the line back – a place to bang my head.  Fast-forward to the last meeting of the Western Montana Genealogical Society Meeting.  The program was a round-table discussion of members’ brick walls.  We were invited to bring what we knew and what we wanted to learn about someone designated a brick wall in our genealogy.  I selected Daniel Blood as my person of interest.  I had no birth, marriage, death, or census records for him.  All I had was him named in records relating to his four children.  One of the other members offered to look him up on the New England Historic Genealogical Society website – a site that requires paid membership. 

I took her up on her offer, but she did not find Daniel in their on-line databases.  I asked her if she recommended membership in NEHGS – I had considered joining before, but just hadn’t.  She did recommend joining, so I did.  I searched again for Daniel, and didn’t find him on their website.  But they have links to historic newspapers, and I started searching for names there.  I soon found a news article published in the Vermont Chronicle in Bellows Falls on May 19th, 1841.  It states in the DEATHS column:  In Lebanon, NH, May 6th, Mr. Daniel Blood, formerly of Plainfield, age 45.

I’m pretty confident that this is the right person.  It would make him born about 1796 – just a couple years older than his wife Mehitable.  And it means he died a little more than a month before his fourth child was born, who was then also named Daniel Franklin Blood.  I had suspected that Daniel had died before 1850, as I have found family members living in various locations by the time of the 1850 census.

I have enquired by e-mail of the Lebanon Town Clerk as to whether their death records go back that far.  If they do, I’ll send for that record, where I would hope to find his parents’ names, and maybe even a place and/or date of birth.

But this isn’t the only item of interest I found in the old papers.  Daniel’s granddaughter Mariette (Minnie) made the news too.  In the Vermont Watchman, published in Montpelier on May 26, 1897, in Montpelier and Vicinity Local Happenings:  The case against Mrs. Dexter W. Royce for alleged petit larceny from Mrs. J. W. F. Washburn was tried in city court last Saturday forenoon.  The respondent is charged with taking sundry small articles of female wearing apparel from Mrs. Washburn while in her employ.  F. L. Laird appeared for the state and J. G. Wing for the respondent, who was acquitted. 

I also found news items about Sarah Proctor, a Lowell mill girl who committed suicide by jumping from a second story window.  I already had the date and cause of death but the news item said a little more – that she was in an infirmary, and that another woman was sitting in the room but was not able to stop her.  So that makes me wonder if perhaps she had tried it before.  We have visited her grave – she was sent back to her family and buried in West Rutland, VT. 

Seems like each answer brings new questions – and that’s what keeps it interesting.


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