Silas Blood married Alathea Martin 12 May 1747

Silas Blood was born 8 September 1725 in Groton MA, son of James Blood and Catherine Nutting.  Silas married Alathea Martin on 12 May 1747.  She was born 24 January 1727 in Groton, daughter of Benjamin Martin and Sarah Williams. 

Silas and Alathea had eleven children born between 1748 and 1767, all born in Groton.  Several died as young children.  Alathea died 19 April 1767, three months after the birth of her last child Abner.  Silas must have had help with his family, as he didn’t remarry until January 1779.  His second wife was Sarah Green, daughter of Jonathan Green and Sarah Lakin.  Sarah was born 24 December 24, 1725.

Silas’ daughter Eleanor moved to Nova Scotia but it appears that her husband’s family went there as part of the Planter movement – recruited to help settle the area and keep the French from reestablishing in that area.  (This movement pre-dates the Loyalists who moved up during the Revolutionary War era.)

Silas’ son Abraham was killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill in June, 1775. 

Silas was counted as head of household in the first federal census, in Dunstable, MA.  His exact death date is not known, but on January 1, 1794, his widow Sarah is recorded as declining to be the administrator of his estate.   

Silas had a son Silas who also married someone named Sarah.   Some researchers have posted family trees on line that have attributed some of Silas junior’s children to his father and second wife.  A giveaway that an error was made is that these children were born well after the elder Silas had died.  Silas junior also had a son Silas, who pre-deceased him, and they were also known as senior and junior.

Silas’ second wife Sarah died in Dunstable, Mass on 6 Feb 1814; she was 88.

Her headstone says    “Walk home, my friends, dry up your tears,

                                    For I must lie till Christ appears,

                                    And when my Jesus doth me call

                                    I hope in bliss to meet you all.”



  1. L. Shaffer said,

    October 7, 2012 at 17:08

    Did Silas or his son, Abraham ever have slaves, possibly a Dinah who was sold to B. Lew?

    • sooze471 said,

      October 7, 2012 at 17:33

      Hi – I do not know if Silas or Abraham had slaves. I just googled his name and found several court cases related to Silas Blood, but it was probably his son Silas (brother of Abraham). The one case I looked at was a dispute over land ownership, and slaves were not mentioned. If you look at more of those cases, maybe you will find more clues. I did look in old newspapers available on line at New England Historic Genealogical Society, but didn’t find any information there under Silas or Abraham Blood.


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