Hazen Everett Ricker born 15 May 1857

Hazen Ricker was born 15 May 1857 in Quincy MA, son of Enos Ricker and Eliza Veazie.  The family was counted in the 1860 census in Quincy.  Enos was a stone cutter.  They were listed in the 1870 census, and Enos was listed as a stone contractor. 

Hazen married Ellen Frances “Nellie” Newcomb on 2 October 1878 in Quincy.  She was the daughter of Winslow Miller Newcomb and Mary Worster.  They were counted in the 1880 census in Quincy.  Hazen was a stone contractor.   Their first child, Ethel age 1 was in the census, but died shortly after of cholera infantum.  Their second son George Henry was born in 1882, but died four weeks later, also of cholera. 

Hazen worked with his father in E Ricker, Son, & Co, as granite cutters and dealers in the Boston area, usually living in Quincy.  Addresses include 6 Bigelow, and 8 Bigelow.  The 1891 Quincy directory lists Hazen as a member of IOOF.  Hazen’s mother Eliza died in 1898, and he served as administrator of her estate. His father died in 1899.

In 1900, Hazen’s family was counted in Quincy.  Elmer had been born in 1881, and Roscoe in 1889.  Hazen’s occupation was granite dealer, and the household had a Swedish maid. The 1901 director indicated that the business was at 166 Devon, and the Rickers had a home at 59 Bigelow, and Post Island in Quincy. 

The 1910 census showed Hazen, Ellen, and Roscoe still in the household, and Hazen was a building trader.  Elmer had married and started his own family.  The 1911 Cambridge directory showed Hazen as treasurer of E Ricker Son, home at Quincy.

The 1913 Braintree directory listed Hazen E Ricker as proprietor of Marston’s Farm, 324 Farm, with a home at Quincy.  This was a poultry farm. 

Hazen died 8 July 1918 in Quincy.  Elmer died 17 October of the same year.  I do not know the cause of death for either, but the summer of 1918 was the start of the great flu epidemic, and in the fall, it reached its greatest magnitude.  Hazen’s fourth child, Roscoe died in 1944, of tuberculosis.

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