Nicholas Woodbury d 19 May 1686

Nicholas Woodbury was born 9 April 1618 in South Petherton, England, son of William Woodbury and Elizabeth Patch.  Nicholas emigrated to America with his father about 1628, and was granted a 10-acre lot in Salem in 1637, plus other tracts later. 

Nicholas married Anna Palgrave in 1651 in Charlestown, MA.  She was the daughter of Richard Palgrave and Joan Harris.

Nicholas is sometimes referred to as a yeoman although his interests were extensive and rather varied, including shipping investments, lands in Great Yarmouth, England, and several farms in New England.  He was a constable and tax collector.  He had a mill in 1673 at Mackerel Cove.  Nicholas bequeathed his lands in Great Yarmouth England to his wife, who had apparently inherited them from her father and brought to the marriage.

A researcher named Dough Sinclair has posted extensive research about the Woodbury family.  To read more about Nicholas, and to see his signature and headstone, check out the site at:


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