Marie Angeline Langevine born 20 May 1854

Marie Langevine was born 20 May 1854, probably in Quebec.  She married Charles Tourville on 23 June 1873, in Chateaugay NY.  He was the son of Charles Tourville and Julia LaClair.  Witnesses to the marriage were Louis Tourville and Helen Langevin.  The marriage record names her parents as John Langevine and Angelina Baudin, but I have not yet found her birth certificate or a marriage record for her parents. 

Marie and Charles were counted in the 1880 census in Chateaugay, with children Henry, Willie, John, and George. 

In 1881, Charles moved to Eagle County, Colorado, and Marie joined him in 1882, and their children, as well as her young brother-in-law Albert Tourville attended school at Red Cliff. In 1883, Charles’ sister Jennie (Genevieve) lived with them and also attended school there. Three more children were born in the west – Ella, George who died at age 3, and Mary Caroline “Carrie”.  The family lived for some time in Mitchell, near Leadville, where Charles built brick kilns to make coke for the gold smelters in Leadville.  The children attended Pando-Mitchell school from 1884 to 1888.  They were also listed in the 1885 state census in Eagle County, but no town was named.  It seems that Charles was a hard drinker and would go on sprees in town.  Eventually, he’d turn the team towards home, and Marie would get him put to bed while the children tended to the horses.  Charles had a reputation of being charitable to others but allowed no extravagance for the family.  The 1887 Colorado state directory listed Charles in Cooper CO. 

Around 1891, received a 160-acre land grant in Eagle County.  Charles and Marie homesteaded on Lake Creek near Edwards, and the family lived in a two-story log house.   Marie and Charles lived in Lakes Precinct in 1900, with children John and Carrie.  They were listed at the same location in 1910, and the family included sons Henry (Charles Henry) and John and their families. 

 Their children married and moved away from the homestead, or probably more accurately, away from their father.  Charles and Mary sold the place and moved to Glenwood Springs about 1918.  They bought an 80-acre fruit farm two miles west of Glenwood for $3000, and owned a house in town that they rented out. This fruit farm is now part of Storm King Ranch.  Part was burned in forest fires in 1994 and 2002, but fruit trees are still growing on the lower side hill. 

The 1920 census shows Marie and Charles in North Glenwood Springs.  Grandson Thomas Pallister was part of the household.  In 1921, Charles and Marie bought a small parcel of land in town at about what is now 14th and Grand.  This lot was later sold to the school district and is part of the Glenwood Springs High School property.   

Marie’s husband died in 1930 in Glenwood Springs.  Marie paid Burdge Mortuary with loads of wood, berries, apples, and even some rabbits.  The charge was not paid in full until 1934.

Marie died 6 June 1939.  Her funeral cost $185, and was paid for mostly with cash, and some raspberries.  It took the family two years to pay this off. 

Marie and Charles were buried at the Pioneer Cemetery in Glenwood Springs.  Doc Holliday was also buried there.  Because of fears that someone might steal his body, Doc was buried in secret in an unmarked grave well after he died, and a stone was erected in his name in the cemetery, but it doesn’t mark his grave.  There is an unmarked grave next to Marie and Charles.  They could be neighbors.  The cemetery is up on a hillside, and is sort of overgrown with sage brush and not well tended. Photos of the cemetery are available on Find-A-Grave, if you search for Charles Tourville in Colorado.

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