Lila Agnes Labor died 21 May 1914

Lila A Labor was born 23 June 1885 in Barton VT, the second child of seven of Louis Labor and Viola Downing.  Her father was a farmer, born in Canada, and her mother was born in Barton.  The family was counted in the 1900 census in Barton, and she was listed as Agnes L, with the birth date matching Lila. 

On 29 June 1907, Lila and Ellsworth Heath were married in Derby VT by Congregational minister Wilmart Warnes.  Ellsworth was 32, Lila was 22, and this was the first marriage for both. 

Lila and Ellsworth were listed in the 1910 census in Derby.  Ellsworth was a farmer, owning his own farm.  Son Wilder Warren Heath was born in 1910 and Lila Viola Heath was born in 1914.  At the birth of her daughter, Lila developed puerperal septicemia, or blood poisoning related to the delivery.  She died two weeks later, on 21 May 1914 in Derby.  She is buried at Willoughby Cemetery in South Barton.

Two years later, Ellsworth married Lila’s sister Bertha.  Ellsworth died in 1921.  He is also buried at Willoughby.


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