Mariah Adelia Hodges born 22 May 1842

Mariah Hodges was born 22 May 1842 in Aylesford township of Nova Scotia, the eighth of eleven children of John C Hodges and Rachel Parker.  John was an immigrant from Ireland, and Rachel’s ancestors were probably Loyalists from Massachusetts.  The Hodges family lived in the Morristown area. 

Mariah married Joseph Alben Taylor on 19 October 1868 in Aylesford.  He was the son of Abner Taylor and Eliza Tingley of Chutes Cove NS.  Witnesses to the marriage were Mariah’s brother Jonathan C Hodges, and her sister Nancy’s husband Peter L Sleep.  Mariah had at least four children:  James Abner born in 1870, Lena Bertha born in 1871, Ruth Maria born in 1873, and Annie Maria born in 1878.  All of these children lived to marry and have children of their own. 

The family was counted in the 1881 Canada census in Maitland (Annapolis County), which was Joseph’s home town when they married.  In 1891, Mariah and Joseph lived in Millville, which was nearer to her family.  Lena had married, but Abner, Ruth, and Annie were still at home.    In 1901, Mariah and Joseph lived in nearby Greenwood, next to their daughter Ruth Morse.  Mariah’s mother-in-law Elizabeth was also in the household. 

Mariah Taylor died in 1906, according to her headstone in Aylesford Union Cemetery.  Since her daughter Lena and son-in-law George, and grandson William are buried in the same section, adjoining plots, this appears to be the correct person. 

After Mariah died, in 1908, Annie McDonald Chase married Mariah’s husband Joseph, and after he died in 1909, Annie married in 1910 to Henry Allen Hodges, Mariah’s nephew.  Small world.


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    […] On 18 October 1868, Joseph married Mariah Hodges, daughter of John C Hodges and Rachel Parker.  Mariah died in 1906.  Her story was told in a previous post: […]

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