Henry Funk died about 23 May 1800

Henry Funk was born about 1732 in Lancaster PA and died before 23 May, 1800 in Lancaster.  It appears that he was the victim of a theft, and offered a reward for assistance in bringing the culprit to justice. The first advertisement apparently was not successful, and a second paid advertisement was published – in rhyme.

April 28, 1773 The Pennsylvania Gazette THE subscriber hereby gives public notice, that JOHN FARON, of Londonderry township, Chester county, on Wednesday, the 15th of April, in the night time, and out of the subscriber stable stole and took away two horses, a blue great coat, with mohair buttons on the same, and a bag of bagging stuff, marked with H.F. The subscriber went in search of him, and, on Friday night, then next following, overtook him on the road leading to Newport, in James Gillylane, about 2 miles below Stephen Cochran tavern, in Londonderry township aforesaid, and retook, from said John Faron, his two horses; but said Faron escaped, and took with him the said great coat and bag. At taking the horses from him, there was also got with said horses, an ash coloured roccelo [overcoat], of broadcloth, a pair of blue worsted stockings, supposed to be stolen, as said Faron is a notorious horse thief. He is about 5 feet 10 inches high, and of a black complexion. The owner of said articles, by applying to the subscriber, and proving his property, may have them again; and whoever secures the said great coat and bag, so that the owner may have them again, shall be reasonably rewarded, by HENRY FUNK. Manor township, Lancaster county.

June 2, 1773 The Pennsylvania Gazette TWENTY POUNDS Reward, For securing JOHN FARRAN, in Lancaster Goal, in PENNSYLVANIA.

NO doubt the Reason you would know, Why with our Money we part so;

The following Lines be pleased to read, And they will shew the Cause indeed.

In April last was stole away, From each of us (we bold to say)

Two stately Horses, stout and strong, And Farran did the cruel Wrong:

With Saddles too, and other Goods, Which he did carry to the Woods;

The honest Neighbours round about, Did hunt and find the Villain out,

The Horses with him they did find, Then to his Heels he did incline;

 And other Hill did briskly fly, But would not wait for Company.

Where he is gone, we cannot say, But he a Rogue, by Night and Day.

To tell his Marks we do incline, His Age may be full Thirty nine;

He change his Name too, now and then, His Height may be full five Feet ten;

His Hair is black, Complexion too, And as it suits Thee, or You;

To tell his Clothes, it will us fail, For them he Change, or more will steal;

He is a stout and well made Fellow, And in his Colour something Yellow;

This Villain Craft indeed is such, That he can pass amongst the Dutch;

Their Language he has very pat, And loves to see a Horse that’s fat.

This Rogue is known both far and near, To steal and sell, from Year to Year.

Four Horses he from us did cleek, Within some better than a Week;

Each one might fetch, of ready Pay, Full Thirty Pounds, we dare to say.

Is it a Wonder we are vex, With such a Thief to be perplex?

Therefore this Favour we do pray, That him ye seize, by Night or Day;

And when you have him, do not fail, To lodge him safe, in the aforesaid Goal,

Which if you do, the Cash we pay, Upon the Nail, without Delay.

And when you want to see our Faces, Manor and Carnarvan Townships are our Dwelling places.

Lancaster County, May 14, 1773.  HENRY FUNK, CHRISTIAN CARPENTER.


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