Oscar Kelsey m Beatrice Lyford 24 May 1929

Oscar Eli Kelsey was born 19 July 1891 in Lowell, MA, son of Theodore Nicholson Kelsey of Ohio and Anna Powers Jackman of Maine. 

In 1900, the family lived in Lowell MA, at 232 Cabot.  Oscar’s father was chief engineer at a cotton mill.  The family was at the same address in 1910.  The Lowell directory for 1911, 1912, and 1915 lists Oscar as a student, then machinist, living on Cabot.  He registered for the draft from Lowell, but I do not know if he served in WW1.  In 1920, the Kelsey family was still at 232 Cabot in Lowell.  Oscar was a stationary engineer in a cotton mill, the same job as his father held. 

Beatrice E Lyford was born 8 Jan 1904 in New Hampshire, the daughter of Walter H Lyford and Estella Ford.  In 1910, the Lyfords lived on North Road in Fremont NH. Her father was a farmer. In 1920, they lived in Rockingham NH, where her father was the manager of a dairy farm. 

Oscar Kelsey married Beatrice Lyford on 24 May 1929 in Fremont, NH.  In 1930, Oscar and Beatrice lived in Concord NH.  Oscar was a machinist.  City directories starting in 1932 list Oscar and Beatrice at 82 High Street in Penacook, and Oscar was a spinner, then in the mid 1930’s worked for Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works into the 1950’s. 

Oscar registered in 1942 for the draft for WW2.  At the time, he lived at 82 High Street, in Penacook NH.  This draft was called the “Old Man’s Draft” as it applied to men born between 1877 and 1897. 

1953 Concord directory lists Oscar at 82 High Street.  The 1955 census lists Beatrice L, widow of Oscar, at 82 High (along with her son).  I do not have a death record for Oscar, but it appears he died between 1953 and 1955.  Beatrice died in 1989 in Concord.


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