Hiram Leslie Baker died 27 May 1923

Hiram Baker was born 24 August 1856 in Bridgewater VT, the son of Chester Baker and Susan Pollard.  The family was in the 1860 census in Bridgewater.  His father was a day laborer.  The census recorded no real estate value, put personal property valued at $400.  The family still lived in Bridgewater in 1870, and by this time, Hiram’s father owned a small farm valued at $200, and personal property valued at $100. 

By 1880, Hiram had moved out of the household, but was still living in Bridgewater.  He was boarding with Stephen Barrows, and was a farm laborer. 

Hiram married Adeline “Addie” Pollard on 22 December 1887.  She was the daughter of Henry Pollard and Betsey White.  Hiram listed his occupation as farmer.  He was 31 and she was 18.  This was the first marriage for each, and was performed by Rev. Moris Kidder. 

Hiram and Addie had three daughters.  Stella was born in 1890, Agnes in 1893, and Bernice in 1897.  Stella and Agnes both married and had families.  Bernice died at age one, with cause of death listed as pneumonia with brain complications.   

In 1900, Hiram and Addie lived in Bridgewater with their two surviving daughters.  Hiram was a farmer, and according to the census, could read and write.  Addie died in 1901, of an abdominal tumor. 

Hiram married Florence Lavine on 19 December 1903.  According to the record, Florence was the daughter of Edward Hemming and Anne Hyland.  The person documenting the event made some errors.  Florence had been married to her cousin William Hemming, so her father should have been recorded as Edward Levine, not Hemming.  Anne’s maiden name was LaClair, second married name was Hyland.  

Later, Hiram’s daughter Agnes would marry Ralph, son of Anne’s sister Lizzie (Laclair) Labor.  Family Tree Maker says that besides being his wife, Agnes was also the step-daughter of Ralph’s first cousin Florence!   

Hiram and Florence had a son Gerald who was born in 1904.  By 1910, Hiram and Gerald were living with Hiram’s daughter Stella and family.  His marital status is “married” but Florence is not in the household.  Hiram worked as a laborer, doing odd jobs.

In 1920, Hiram was still living with Stella.  He was listed as “widow”, with occupation as “mill operator in finishing department”, the same job as Stella’s husband.    Florence and Hiram actually divorced, and she later married William Kinsey. 

Hiram died 27 May, 1923, in Lebanon NH, of a heart attack, at age 66.


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