Abigail Elizabeth Norton d 28 May 1901

Abigail Elizabeth Norton was born in 1861 in Potton, Quebec, daughter of John Norton and Lina. The 1861 census lists John 32, Lina 26, Samuel 6, Charles 3, and Elizabeth 1.

The 1871 census shows the same family group living in Stanstead Quebec, plus another sibling whose name has been transcribed as both Fredore and Facelove. 

By 1880, Abbie was living in the Holbrook family in Irasburgh VT, occupation servant. 

Abbie moved to Barton, and on 18 June 1885, she married Barnabas LaClair, son of Philip LaClair and Modeste Chine (Zinque).  It was his second marriage (he and Sarah Hawkins divorced ten years earlier), and her first.  Barney was a farmer.  He was 58, she was 24.

Family lore is that “Grandfather Barney brought a young woman to Grandma Hemmings.  They had a little girl, the woman left both Barney and the little girl.  The girl was given to someone in Canada.”  Did Barney and Abbie have a daughter together?  What happened to her?

It appears that Barney and Abbie also divorced.  She married someone named Davis, and died on 28 May 1901 in Newport VT.  The death record lists her as Abbie Eliza Norton Davis, birth date 1860 in Potten, Quebec, parents John Norton and Delina. Cause of death was “sephenitis”. I was not able to locate an explanation for that term. 

I have not yet found Abbie in the 1900 US or 1901 Canada census, nor a second marriage record for her.

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