William Hall d May 29, 1847

William Hall was born 17 April 1789 in Hanover NH, son of Webster Hall and Dicea Utley.  He was born in the house built by his father in 1781.  According to a biography on line, William Hall took an active part in the War of 1812, and was a man of literary ability, possessing a clear memory, and a deep appreciation of original thought. He married Mrs. Charlotte (Chase) Hall of Concord NH, in 1823, who bore him one child, William, born July 13, 1825. The latter has always been a resident of this town, married Almeda E. Waterhouse of Orford, December 30, 1848 and has had born to him two children. Source:- Gazetteer of Grafton County, N.H., 1709-1886 by Hamilton Child, Syracuse, N.Y.: H. Child, June 1886 

William and Charlotte are buried at Etna Cemetery in Etna NH.  The headstones say: Capt. William Hall born Apr 18, 1789 died May 29, 1847.  Charlotte Chase his wife, born Dec 3, 1789, died Sep 1 1879.


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