Rupert Sleep b 30 May 1894

Rupert Garfield Sleep was born 30 May 1894 in Hyde Park MA, son of Lemuel Orlando Sleep and Mercy E “Mary” Smith.  The family was counted in the 1900 census in Spencer MA.  The family included Rupert’s younger siblings:  Rexford Lovett, Geraldine Murial, and Marcella E. 

The Boston passenger lists show Rupert and his siblings arriving in Boston, sailing on the ship “Boston” from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and arriving 16 September 1900.  His parents were not on the list with them. 

Rupert’s family moved back to Nova Scotia, and was counted in the 1911 Canada census living in Springfield NS.  Grandmother Nancy Hodges Sleep was also in the household.  At some point, the family came back to Massachusetts. 

The 1917 Concord MA city directory lists Rupert G Sleep at 31 Payette St with Mona, no occupation listed.

Rupert registered for WWI, and was living in Newburyport, Middlesex, MA, in 1918 when he registered.  He was a fireman, and listed “Mrs. Mary Sleep” as his closest relative, in Greenfield MA. The occupation may have been related to railroads, as that was his occupation later.  He was described as 6’, 185 pounds, gray eyes, brown hair. 

I have not been able to find Rupert in the 1920 census, but he apparently moved to Greenfield MA, where he was listed as employed by the Boston & Main Railroad.  He was listed in the directory  as such in 1923, 1927, and 1928.  The 1930 census shows Rupert and wife Mona in Greenfield.  The census lists Rupert age 35, married at age 28, and Mona, 24, married at 17, so the marriage date should be 1923 or so.  However, the 1917 city directory lists Rupert and Mona together.  Is this a different Mona?  A different Rupert G?  If Mona was really born about 1905, and married by 1917, she would only have been 12.  I wish I could find them in 1920.

The 1931 directory for Greenfield MA lists Rupert as an auto mechanic, residing at #60 Elm.  Rupert and Mona moved to Concord NH, and in 1935, lived at 31 Fayette.  They moved to #12 Badger.  In 1936, Rupert didn’t have an occupation listed but Mona was employed by the New Hampshire Centennial Home for the Aged, an occupation she kept for many years.  By 1937 they moved to #9 Marshall, and Rupert worked for the Concord Electrical Company.  In 1938 and 1940, they lived at 45 Pleasant Street.

During World War Two, Rupert and Mona moved to Baltimore, and lived at 3128 Rosalie Avenue.  Rupert worked for Bethlehem Steel in Fairfield.  He registered for the WW2 draft there and was described as 5’10”, 155 pounds, brown eyes, gray hair.  His contact person was his wife, Mona Grace Sleep. 

After the war, Rupert and Mona returned to Concord NH, and lived again at 45 Pleasant.  Rupert worked for Boston & Main railroad again.  Rupert and Mona were listed at the same home in 1949.  Although I have no death record for Rupert, he must have died about 1949, as the 1950 Concord directory lists Mona as widow of Rupert.  I did not find records of children for Rupert and Mona.  She was listed in the directory as late as 1962.


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