Francis Banks b 31 May 1883

Francis Sophrona Banks was born 31 may 1883 in Wisconsin, one of ten children of John H Banks and Louise Serepta Hodges. 

The 1895 state census lists JH Banks in Bayfield.  The household consisted of 1 male, and 4 females – most likely the four youngest daughters – but only the head of the household was named.

In 1900, Fanny was living with her parents and the younger sisters, Molly and Hazel, in Washburn, Wisconsin.  Her father was a carpenter.  This census says Fanny’s mother had 10 children, seven still living.  I have only identified eight children.  Of those eight, Fanny’s six sisters lived past 1900.  Charles, the only son yet identified, disappeared after the 1880 census, so he may be one of the three siblings of Fanny who died.  Fanny’s married sisters, Etta Hubbard and Ardena Wood live next door.  John Horn, Fanny’s future husband, boarded with Etta, and worked in a saw mill. 

Francis married John Samuel Horn on 3 July 1902, in Bayfield, WI.  The 1905 state census shows the family living in Eileen, WI.  Their daughter Fay was born in 1904, and Fay and Fanny lived with the Hubbards.  John and Louisa, and sister Lena and family lived nearby. 

In 1910, the family lived in Pilsen WI.  The household consisted of John and Francis and their two young daughters.  Also in the family were Francis’ sister Hazel, and her widowed mother.  Another family member was Charles Banks, but this appears to be her uncle, not her brother.  Nearby are the married sisters, Molly Smith and Lena Fleck.  All the families were farm families. 

In 1920, the family was in Ashland.  Francis’ husband was a cook in a lumber camp.  Uncle Charles Banks was still in the household.  

By 1930, Francis’ daughters had married and moved out of the household.  Francis and John still lived in Ashland.  John was the manager and Francis a waitress at the lunchroom at the Soo Depot. 

John died in 1948, and Francis died 11 Jan 1974 in Ashland.  Both are buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.     They have Find-A-Grave memorials.


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