James Pickernell and Lydia Nelson d 1 June 1712

James Pickernell married Lydia Nelson about 1704 in Kittery, Maine.  She was the daughter of Charles Nelson and Mary.  I do not know James’ parents. 

Both Lydia’s and James’ names show up in property transactions in Maine, where they served as witnesses to the documents created.  James and Lydia had three children, James, Samuel born 1705, and Mary born 1708. 

James and Lydia purchased their own land in Kittery in 1707, fronting Woodman Ferry road.  They lived in an area called Spruce Creek.  On 1 June 1712, James and Lydia had been to the barn to milk their cows.  They were shot and killed by Indians as they were locking the door and going to the garrison.  Lydia was carrying a child.  This child was knocked on the head and scalped, but afterwards recovered.    I don’t know which of the three children was attacked. 

James and Lydia were buried on Pickernell Hill, near the old home of Charles Caswell in Kittery. Other families who were also attacked were paid compensation by the court, and James Pickernell received 6 6s.   

Lydia’s family name was carried on by her grandson Nelson (son of Samuel).


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