Chandler Perham d 4 June 1890

Chandler Perham was born about 24 Oct 1833 in Danville, NH, the third of six children of Joseph Perham and Abigail Melendy. 

In 1850, the family was counted in the federal census in Lydeborough NH.  Chandler’s father was a farmer with real estate valued at $2000, above average for the neighborhood.  The family was still in Lyndeborough in 1860.  The family farm was valued at $1600, with their personal property valued at $600.  Chandler’s mother had died two years earlier, and he had a new step-mother, Mary Butler Stowell.  Chandler’s oldest brother Rodney worked as a farm laborer, but Abigail, Chandler, and Newton were operatives in a factory, and his youngest sister Frances worked as a domestic. 

Chandler was also counted in the Haverhill MA census, boarding with the Tilton family.  He was a shoemaker.  Haverill is about 45 miles from Lyndeborough, and his family probably listed him in the household even though he actually lived nearer the shoe factories.   

In 1863, Chandler registered for the Civil War draft.  He was living in Haverhill, age 26, a shoemaker, single, from New Hampshire.  I have not found records indicating that Chandler was called up.  Perhaps shoemakers were considered essential for support of the war. 

In 1865, Chandler was counted in the Massachusetts state census, living in Haverhill, age 30, born in New Hampshire, single, a shoemaker.  Also in the household is Fannie Patten, age 30, born in New Hampshire, a dress-maker.  I cannot tell if her marital status is “M” or “W”.  She might be Chandler’s sister Frances.

The 1865 Haverhill directory lists Chandler Perham, heeler, boarding with Mrs. Nathan Johnson.

On 13 January 1870, Chandler married Lizzie Ann Stuart, daughter of George W and Emeline Stuart.  He was 35, occupation shoemaker, she was 28, and born in Newton NH. This was the first marriage for both.   Chandler and Lizzie moved across the river to Bradford MA.  Chandler continued his work as a shoe heeler.  Lizzie kept home, and apparently they took in boarders as other shoe factory employees were in the same household. 

Chandler’s first child, Grace Stewart Perham was born in July 1876 in Manchester NH, but died at age 18 months in Bradford, of diphtheria. 

Chandler and Lizzie were in Bradford for the 1880 census.  He was a shoe heeler.  Their son Frank Stuart Perham was born 5 Feb 1881.  Chandler was listed in the 1889 Bradford city directory as a heeler, living at 13 Chadwick. 

Chandler died 4 June 1890 in Bradford of pneumonia and heart disease.   Lizzie and son Frank lived in Hanover NH in 1900.  In 1910, they lived in Key West FL.  In 1920, they were in Fulton, GA.  In 1930, Frank lived in Atlanta, GA.  His mother was not with him, so probably died between 1920 and 1930.  Frank died in 1966 in Maryland.


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