Andrew Durward m Catherine Duncan 07 June 1861

Andrew Durward was born 25 October 1836, and christened 4 November 1836 in Newhills, Aberdeen, Scotland.  He was the son of Andrew Durward and Mary Taylor.  The last name is also seen as Dorward, Darwood and Dorwood.   

The family was counted in the 1841 census at Auchmull village, in Newhills parish.  This census listed the wife by her maiden name, so helps identify it as being the correct family.  Andrew’s father was a farmer.  The children were Peter born about 1827, Mary 1829, Alexander 1831, Andrew 1836, Martha 1838, and Anna born in 1840.  An 1887 description of Newhills describes the area as low and flat, extensively quarried, with pastures, tilled farm land, and woods. 

The 1851 census records that the family is still in Auchmull (may be Auchmill on modern maps). Andrew was 15, and occupation listed as farmer’s son.  Another brother for Andrew, named William, had been born in 1846. 

By 1861, the Durward family had moved to nearby Old Machar, and Andrew was working as a ship carpenter.  Old Machar is on the northeast coast of Scotland just north of Aberdeen. 

On 7 June, 1861, Andrew Durward married Catherine Duncan in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland.  The marriage record I have does not list parents for either person. The 1871 census says that Catherine Durward was born about 1837 in Old Machar.  I found only one 1861 census that matches this, and Catherine was the daughter of George and Margaret Duncan.  They lived at 20 Wellington Street in Old Machar, and Catherine was a mill worker.  Working backwards, I found the family in 1851, living at 11 Wellington Street, and Catherine was a flax spinner.  In 1841, their address was “Back House” in Old Machar.

Andrew and Catherine’s daughter Margaret was born 3 April 1862 in Old Machar. Son Andrew was born 20 September 1864.  In the 1871 census, the family lived at 20 Gaclie Lane in Old Machar but young Andrew was not listed with his parents.  I did not find this boy living with another family, so he may have died young.  Andrew was still working as a ship carpenter.  By 1881, the family had moved to 1 Bairnshall Lane in Old Machar.  Andrew still worked as a ship carpenter.  Another daughter, Catherine, had been born in 1875.  Considering the gap between the birthdates, there may have been other children who did not live to be counted in the census. 

In 1891, the family lived at #1 Western Road in Woodside, Old Machar.  Andrew continued his work as a ship carpenter.  His daughter Margaret had moved to the United States and started her own family, but Andrew’s wife Catherine and daughter Catherine, now 16, were still both in the household. 

I do not have a death record for Andrew or Catherine.  In 1901, Andrew was boarding with Catherine Edmond, age 26, so probably his daughter.  His wife Catherine is not in the household.  They lived at #13 Western Road, and Andrew was a carpenter.


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