Andre Bombardier m Marie Belanger 8 June 1835

Andre Bombardier was born 4 October 1803, and baptized the next day at Ste-Marie-du-Monnoir, in Marieville, Quebec. He was the first of nine children of Andre Bombardier and Susanne Courtemanche.  The name Bombardier refers to the earliest stone-throwing cannons from the 1400s.  The bombardier was the soldier who fired the cannon.  The name has been Americanized to LaBombard and Bombard, and Andre was changed to Andrew. Marieville was an agricultural area of only about 400 residents at the time his family was there.

Marie was born 26 September 1812 in St-Marguerite-de-Blairfindie, in Quebec, daughter of Alexis Belanger and Agathe Fonteneau.  The name Belanger means baker, and so was Americanized to Baker.  Marie, of course, is commonly changed to Mary.  Visit to learn more about this church that was built in 1800.   

Andre and Marie were married 8 June 1835 in St-Cyprien, Naperiville, Quebec.  It appears that Andre was already living in New York but went to Quebec to be married. 

By 1840, Andrew and Mary were living next door to his parents in Beekmantown, NY.  The census shows that they had a son.   Later records list son Henry as born about 1841, so I don’t know if he was actually born in 1840 and counted in that census, or if they had an earlier child.  Besides Henry, they had Marie born about 1843, John Baptiste known as John Andrew born 21 April 1845, and Alexander born about 1847. 

The 1850 census of Beekmantown lists Andrew and Mary and their four children.  He was a farmer but the census did not list a value of real estate, so he may not have had his own farm. 

The family moved to Ellenburg, NY, and was counted there in the 1860 census.  The family still consisted of Andrew and Mary, and Mary, Henry, John, and Alexander.  Andrew was a day laborer.  He had no real estate value listed, and personal property valued at only $100. Andrew and Mary could not read or write, according to the census.  The form didn’t specify reading or writing English, as they were probably more comfortable with French. 

The 1870 census of Ellenburg lists Andrew and Mary Labombard, with their daughter Mary and her husband Joseph Tourville.  Andrew was a farm laborer. Their real estate was valued at $200 and personal property at $125.

I have not been able to locate a death record for Andrew or Mary.  I have not found either person in census records after 180.  The Ellenburg Cemetery has a stone for Mrs. Andre LaBombard, d May 1, 1899. This is probably the right person.


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