Chandler Louis LaBombard b 12 June 1883

Chandler LaBombard was born 12 June 1883 in Ellenburg, NY, and baptized 15 July at St Edmond.  He was the sixth of eight children (seven sons) of John A LaBombard and Isabella Tourville.  His godfather was his uncle Louis Tourville. 

Chandler and family were counted in the 1892 NY state census in Ellenburg.  His father was a farmer.   The family moved to Hanover NH, and he, his parents, and three youngest brothers were counted in the census there. 

On 5 Mar 1905, in Lebanon NH, Chandler married Emma LaBarre, daughter of Alfred LaBarre and Aurelia Superneau.  The marriage record says that the groom was a resident of Hanover, age 21, white, a farmer, born in Ellenburg NY, first marriage.  The bride also resided in Hanover, age 17, white, domestic, also born in Ellenburg, first marriage.  They were married by the Reverend Father Egan of Lebanon.  (Chandler’s brother George married Emma’s sister Viola.)

Chandler and Emma moved to Hartford, VT, where he worked as a dairy farmer.  The 1910 census says that Emma had two children, none living.  I have found records for three.  They had a son that was premature and stillborn 20 Nov 1905 in Hanover.  Isabel, probably named for his mother, was born 16 June 1907 in Hanover and died seven days later, cause of death was inanition, which apparently in those days meant failure to develop prior to birth, and/or failure to be nourished or dehydration in a breast-fed baby.  It isn’t an indication of neglect, but rather the inability to use the nourishment provided.  The third was daughter Frances M, born 27 June 1908, and died 14 September 1908, in Hanover, from bronchopneumonia.

Chandler and Emma adopted a daughter Louise, born about 1913, in Massachusetts.  She married Harold Sleeper.  Chandler and Emma also had a son (I don’t know if he was adopted) named Ronald Lawrence LaBombard, born 30 January 1916 in New Hampshire, died 26 Jauly 1964. 

Chandler registered for the WW1 draft on 12 September 1918, at the age of 35.  He was a farmer, Etna post office, Hanover NH.  He was described as tall, slender, gray eyes, dark brown hair.  I found no records to indicate that he was called up to serve. 

The 1918 Hanover City Directory lists LaBombard, Chandler L (Emma) farmer, Reservoir Road Etna. A history of Hanover reports that Chandler Labombard’s property, formerly the Owen farm, on the first road from Etna towards the reservoir, was the location of a small burying ground.  This ground was situated on near the top of the hill as one comes up from Etna, presumably near a barn just below his house.  No trace of the Owen burying ground remains.

The 1920 census lists Chandler (general farmer), Emma, Louise, and Lawrence living in Hanover. 

Emma died 25 January 1929 in Hanover and was buried at Glenwood in Lebanon.  Cause of death was lobar pneumonia.  

The 1930 census lists Chandler with Louise and Ronald in Hanover.  He was a carpenter.  The 1935 Hanover City Directory lists LaBombard, Chandler, laborer, post office Etna. 

Chandler died 1 November 1935.  Cause of death was carcinoma of the throat, which he had for about a year, and then finally bronchopneumonia.  He was buried with his parents at Mt Calvary in Lebanon.  Emma had originally been buried in her sister Viola’s family plot, but (according to family lore) Chandler didn’t like it so had her moved to his parents’ lot.  However, the disinterment record to have Emma moved was dated 4 May 1936, after Chandler’s death.  Considering the time of year, perhaps they waited until spring for the final interment.


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