Andrew LeCain Orde d 13 June 1916

Andrew Orde was born 2 May 1850 in Graywood, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.  He was the son of George Orde, from Scotland, and Elizabeth Ann Corbett.  I have not been able to find the family in the 1851 census, but in 1861, the George Orde family was living in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

On 2 October 1871, Andrew married Drucilla Mailman, in Kempt, Nova Scotia.  She may have been previously married to John H Moser (1866, same parents – Joseph Mailman and Sarah).  I did not find a death record for him, nor records of any children for Drucilla and John, nor Drucilla and Andrew.  His occupation at the time of marriage was listed as lumberman. 

I could not find Andrew’s family in the 1871 census.  Drucilla died 28 November 1873.  Andrew married Rachel Elizabeth Sleep in Aylesford on 6 November 1877.  She was the eldest child of Peter Sleep and Rachel Hodges, and most census records say that she was born in New Brunswick. 

Andrew and Rachel had seven children:  Elizabeth (1878-1899), Ethel (1879-1953), DeLancey (1881-1859), Andrew E (1881-1967), Laura (1886-1978), Percy (1890-1876), and Mabel (1893-1998).  Elizabeth and Ethel both went to the US, but the rest stayed in Nova Scotia.  I could not find the family in the 1881 census. 

Andrew LeCain was a farmer/woodsman.  He built the first house in Graywood even before the road was built.  They lived in a camp the first year.  They were the first white settlers in Graywood to build on land granted to them.  He cut and hauled cordwood to Annapolis Royal.  Most census images list the family as Baptists. 

In 1891, the family lived in Milford.  Both he and Rachel could read and write.  The 1896 McAlpine’s Nova Scotia directory lists Andrew as a farmer, in Milford.  They were still in that town in the 1901 census, and Rachel’s father Peter lived with them.  They lived in a house built about 1857 and located in South Milford across from the restaurant.  He lived there until 1905, then moved to the town of Maitland Bridge.    The 1911 census shows the family there, Andrew of Scottish descent but born in Nova Scotia.  This time, Rachel’s mother Nancy was living with them. 

Andrew died 13 June 1916 in Maitland Bridge, and is buried at Maplewood Cemetery with other family members.  The cemetery information, with photographs, is at


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