Albert St. Clair Jones m Clara Evaline Bishop 14 June 1882

Albert St. Clair Jones was born September 1855 in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, the son of Douwe Jones and Caroline Amelia Vroom.  His ancestors were predominately Welch (Jones) and Dutch (Vroom) including Loyalists from the US.  He was the third of seven children.

I was not able to locate the family in 1861, but the 1871 census lists the family as living in Annapolis Royal.  The family was Wesleyan Methodist.  Albert’s family was listed as Dutch descent. 

Albert moved to Massachusetts, and was counted in the 1880 census in Lynn, MA.  He was single, and worked as a carpenter. 

Clara Evaline Bishop was born August 1857 the daughter of William H and Martha Jane Bishop.  In 1871, the family lived in Clarence, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.  Her father was a farmer and mechanic.  It appears she had 10 brothers and sisters.  The oldest brother Horace was a carriage maker, and the next younger was a machinist. 

In 1881, the family was still living in Clarence.  Clara was a teacher. 

Albert went back to Nova Scotia, and married Clara on 14 June 1882, in Paradise, NS.  The marriage record says that he was a carpenter, and his father was a millwright.  Clara’s father was a farmer. 

Albert brought Clara to the States, and they were living in New York City in 1886, at the time of the birth of their son, Reginald Lamont.  They went to Lynn MA, and Myrtle was born there in 1887, and Edith in 1889.  The birth records and Lynn directory list the family at 22 Bessie Avenue, with Albert working as a carpenter.  I tried to find this address on modern maps, and the address may no longer exist.  The 1890 Boston directory lists Albert at 14 Canal, Lynn, foreman, but it doesn’t say foreman of what.  14 Canal Street does seem to be a verified address, but I didn’t find a street view camera so couldn’t guess at the age of the building.

In 1900, the family lived in Abington MA.  Albert was a contractor/builder.  The census says that Clara had three children born, three still living, so it appears that I have identified the complete family.  The household included Albert’s widowed father Douwe.  Albert is listed in the 1900 and 1904 Abington directory as a carpenter and builder, residing at 78 Brockton.  By 1909, Albert is no longer in the directory. 

Albert and Clara moved to Los Angeles, and were counted in the 1910 census there.  This census indicates that he immigrated to the US in 1879.  His occupation was real estate salesman.  They lived at 1040 Edgemont Road with their daughters Myrtle and Edith. 

In 1920, Albert and Clara lived in Pasadena.  Albert was retired, and the daughters are no longer in the household.  In 1930, Clara and Albert lived at 41 East Pine, in Pasadena. Their house was valued at $5000, and Albert did not serve in the military. 

Also in the household was their granddaughter, Katherine Loheed, daughter of Myrtle and Arthur Loheed.  Katherine was born in Buenos Aires – I thought perhaps her father had a government job, but he was listed as a salesman for a shoe factory.  Perhaps he went to Argentina to get contracts. 

Albert and Clara’s son Reginald was a successful electrical engineer and was listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who of America.  Daughter Edith married someone named Tower, and died in 1979 in California. 

I have not been able to find death records for Albert or Clara. 







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