William Thomas Allen Jones b 15 June 1876

William Thomas Allen Jones was born 15 June 1876 in Ashe County, North Carolina, the third of eight children of Thomas Madison Jones and Druscilla Caroline Johnson.  Ashe County was formed in 1799 from Wilkes.  It was named in honor of Samuel Ashe, a Revolutionary patriot, a superior court judge, and Governor of the State. It is in the northwestern section of the State and is bounded by the states of Tennessee and Virginia, and Alleghany, Wilkes, and Watauga counties. In 1803 the town of Jefferson was laid out and the public buildings erected. Jefferson is the county seat.

William was supposedly named for the family who raised his father.  Some records list him as Allen, some as WTA.  In 1880, he was listed in the census as William T, living with his parents and siblings in Old Field Township.  Thomas was a farmer.  The 1890 census is, of course, missing, but William’s father was counted in the 1890 schedule of surviving Civil War soldiers living in Creston, so William was probably there as well.  William’s mother died in 1890, and his father married Malinda Rosabelle Worley.

In 1900, William lived in Creston, with his father and stepmother, and listed his occupation as “merchant”.  He married Flora Belle Adams on 19 August 1901 in Trout, NC.  She was the daughter of Hezekiah D C Adams and Mary Henrietta Tilly of Johnson County, Tennessee.

Allen and Belle eventually had 12 children:  Edgar Madison (1901-1987), Mossie Caroline (1903-1892), Gertrude (1905-1985), Mary Elizabeth Grace (1907-1988), Lester A (1909-1991), Danford Dinnia (1911-2000) Nina (1914-1998), Stamp (1916-2006), Jack Dempsey (1919-1985) Lee Ella (1921-2010), Rena Marie (still living as of 2010), and Thomas Alan (1929-1993). 

WTA Jones received a land grant in Ashe County in 1908.  I’m not sure why he was given land, as he was not a soldier or veteran.  His family was counted in the 1910 census, as Allen W Jones, in Clifton.  He was a farmer.  In 1918, he registered for the World War 1 draft, but I have no record that he served.  His contact person was his wife, Flora B. 

The 1920 census shows the family in Creston.  Allen was a merchant with a general store.  This census has an extra bonus for researchers in that it is a three-generation household.  Allen’s father Thomas, widowed for a second time, lived with Allen.  Allen and Belle assisted Thomas in dealing with the federal pension office, in applying for his pension increases as he got older.  Allen’s father died in 1927. 

In 1930, the family lived on Treetop road in Creston.  William was a merchant, with a general merchandise store.  Several of his children had moved out to start their own families.  Mossie was back in the family with her children Howard and Lee. 

William died 10 July 1949 in Toliver, and his wife Flora died 3 March 1968.  Both are buried at Ashelawn Memorial Gardens in Jefferson. 





  1. Mark said,

    December 16, 2012 at 06:44

    My father was Stamp Allen Jones.

    • March 25, 2014 at 02:29

      Also, WTA ran the post office out of his store. That’d might account for the land grant. I believe he was appointed to the position around that time. Hence, my father’s name- Stamp Allen.

      • sooze471 said,

        March 25, 2014 at 08:01

        I did not know that was how he got his name – thanks for sharing that!

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