Charles Henry Tourville born 17 June 1828

Charles Tourville was born 17 June 1828, first of 10 children of Charles Hubou-Tourville and Sophie Arpajou.  He was baptized the next day at St-Hughes in Bagot County, Quebec.  His father was a farmer. 

Charles married Julia LeClair, probably around 1846, in Ferrisburg, VT. 

The 1850 federal census of Ferrisburg lists a Charles Tourvville age 22, Julia age 18, children Charles or H age 2, Miranda 8, and a Mary H King, age 60.  Perhaps Mary is Julia’s mother, but in 1850, relationships were not recorded.  Charles was a laborer.  The boy should be his son Henry.  Miranda should not be a daughter but perhaps a sister or cousin?

By 1860, Charles had moved his family to Chateaugay NY.  The household included five children, plus Joseph Tourville (Charles’ brother), and a farm hand named Henry Isam.  Neither Charles nor Julia could read nor write.  Charles owned real estate valued at $1000, and personal property valued at $500.  Charles and Julia eventually had ten children:  Henry (1848-1924), Charles (1851-1930), Isabella (1853-1923), Louis (1856-1935), Joseph (1859-1940), George (1861-1930), Louisa (1864-1946), Genevieve (1866- 1912), Albert (1870-1929) and William (1872, lived 5 months). 

Although a state census was taken in 1865, Franklin was not listed as one of the counties covered.  I don’t know if the records are lost, or perhaps will be digitized and released later. 

The 1870 census shows Charles was listed as a farmer, with wife Julia near Chateaugay, Franklin, NY.  His real estate value was $1080, and personal property $300.  The children were going to school. 

I have not been able to find Charles, Julia, and their younger children in the 1880 census.  His brother Peter, and sons Charles and Joseph, were living in Chateaugay.

Parts of the Tourville family moved to Colorado. Son Charles was there in 1881 – is it possible that the elder Charles had already started west by the time of the 1880 census?  Where was Julia?  Charles senior was listed in the 1885 Eagle County census, along with his daughter Louisa and her husband Clinton Geroux.  Charles was listed as a “charcoal hand”, so he may have been working with or for his son Charles, who had charcoal kilns in the Leadville area.  In addition, Charles’ younger children, Jennie and Albert, were in the west and listed in the school rosters in 1882 and 1883 along with the older children of Charles junior.  The 1887 city directory for Cooper, CO lists CH Tourville as “ore hauling” – I’m not sure if this is Charles Jr or Sr.  George Tourville was also listed as working at charcoal kilns.

Charles and his children Louisa, George, Genevieve (also seen as Jenny and Virginia) and Albert all eventually returned to the east.   

I attempted to locate the family in the 1892 NY state census, but Franklin county is listed as among the missing or lost returns.  I do know that daughter Genevieve was married in 1885 in NY, and Albert in 1894, but I don’t know if Charles was back in New York by then. 

The 1900 census of Chateaugay NY lists Charles and Julia Tourville, son Albert, and granddaughters Cora Giroux and Martha Tourville.  Charles was a farmer.  The record shows that they had ten children, nine still living.  George and family live nearby.

A news story published September 2, 1904 says:  Mr. and Mrs. Charles De Tourville and granddaughter, Miss Cora Gerue, returned home last Thursday after spending the past two months with relatives in Aetna, NH.   The relatives would have been daughters Louisa Geroux and Isabelle LaBombard. 

The NY state census of 1905 shows Charles living in Tanner’s Hollow, Chateaugay Village.  The census says he was born in US (although his baptism record disproves that), is a citizen, and a farmer. The household includes wife Julia, son Albert, daughter-in-law Celia, their daughter and son (Martha and Van) plus grandaughters Jennie Tourville and Cora Geroux. 

From a newspaper published May 17, 1907 : Charles Tourville  of this village suffered a slight stroke of paralysis on Saturday last, and his condition is such as to be alarming to his relatives. Henry Tourville of Sparta, Wis., Mrs. Isabel Labombard and Mrs. Lizzie Gerue, of Aetne, N.H., and George Tourville, of St. Anne de Beaupre, Que. are in town called by the illness of their father, Charles Tourville.

May 24, 1907 : Charles Tourville of Edwards, Colorado is here for the illness of his father Charles Tourville.  He has been absent for 27 years.

June 14, 1907 ;  An exceedingly pleasant reunion was held Monday when the Tourville family gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tourville. A few weeks ago Mr. Tourville suffered a shock and his children at once came to him, thus bringing them together once more, and the reunion of Monday was made doubly pleasant by the fact that the father is much improved in health, with good prospects of recovery. Not only to his family but to all who know him in this news pleasing. Mr. Tourville was born in 1828, at St. Anicet, P.Q. and moved to Vermont with his parents in 1838. He was married to Julia King, of Vergennes Vt., where he lived four years thereafter, and came to Chateaugay in 1851, settling in the southeast part of the town. Seven sons and three daughters were born to them, and with the exception of one son who is dead all were present at the family gathering. Their names are Henry, of Wisconsin; Charles, of Colorado; Louis, Joseph   and Albert, of Chateaugay; George, of St. Anne de Beaupre, Que.; Isabelle, and Louise, of Aetna, N.H., and Jeanie, of Ellenburgh.

October 27, 1907 : Once more the grim messenger, death, has visited our community and removed from amongst us one of the older citizens in the person of Charles Tourville, who died at his home in this village on Thursday morning of last week. The deceased was taken sick last May and since that time has been unable to leave the house. Charles Tourville was born in St. Anicet, P.Q. in 1828, and moved to Vermont with his parents in 1838. He was married to Julia King at Vergennes Vt., where he lived for four years thereafter, and came to Chateaugay in 1851, settling in the southeast part of the town. Some six years ago he retired from active farm labors and came to the village to make his home. During all the long years as a resident of Chateaugay Mr. Tourville has commanded the respect and esteem of his fellow townsmen, and there are none but who valued his friendship. He is survived by a widow, three daughters and six sons, Isabelle  and Louisa of Aetna, N.H., and Jennie, of Ellenburgh, and Henry, of Wisconsin; Charles, of Colorado; Louis, Joseph and Albert, of Chateaugay, and George, of St. Anne de Beaupre, Que. Funeral services will be held at St. Patrick’s church on Saturday morning at 10 o’clock.

Charles Tourville is buried at St. Patrick’s cemetery.  Julia died in 1917 and is there also.  Sharing the lot are their infant son William, grandson George (son of Joseph), grandson Elie (son of Joseph), Samuel age 5 years (unknown relation) and Arthur 13 months (possibly great grandson). 

Family lore is that there was a rift between Charles, and his son Charles and that’s why the son moved to Colorado.  That doesn’t seem to quite fit the details, as Charles the elder was also in Colorado.  Since the son travelled home to see his father when he became ill, it appears that their differences, if any, were resolved at least to some degree.  Charles’ will provided the following:  son Henry received $100, Charles $1, Louis $1, Elizabeth (Isabell) $200, Joseph $1, George $1, Louisa $100, Jenny $200, and Cora (granddaughter) $200 if she stays with his wife Julia until Cora becomes of age.  Youngest son Albert got the real estate and personal property after all the debts were paid, and had to pay Julia $200 per year as long as she lived. 



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