Lucinda Priscilla Stone born 20 Jun 1844

Lucinda Priscilla Stone was born 20 June 1844 in Lynn MA, daughter of William Stone and Mary Hodges Lewis.  (Although Mary’s adoptive granddaughter Josie Smith would later marry Frank Hodges, there is no indication that the two Hodges branches are related at least as far back as prior to the immigrant ancestors, in England.)  Lucinda had one brother who died at age three, and four sisters. 

The family was in the 1850 census in Lynn.  Her father was a fisherman. The family was also listed in Lynn in the 1855 state census. 

In 1860, Lucinda was the only daughter still at home in Lynn.  Her father was a fish dealer, with real estate valued at $1500, and personal property valued at $400.   By the time of the 1865 census, Lucinda’s father had just died.  The Stone household consisted of Lucinda, her mother, and her married sister, Emmaline Adams. 

Lucinda married Albert Warren Smith on 25 Dec 1867, in Lynn.  He was the son of Joseph Smith and Harriet Newell of Ipswich.  His occupation was mason.  This was the first marriage for both. 

The 1870 census shows Albert W and Lucinda P Smith.  He was a brick mason, while she kept house.  Their real estate was valued at $2000, with personal property valued at $600. 

Albert and Lucinda were counted in the 1880 census.  He was a brick mason.  The address given was #7 Larabee’s Court (now called Kenwood Terrace).  It appears that Albert and Lucinda did not have children of their own.  Albert’s brother George had married Josephine Felton, and they had a daughter, Josie Newell Smith.  Josephine died shortly after Josie was born.  George remarried to Emma Smith, and Josie was with them in the 1880 census.  However, apparently soon after that, Josie went to live with Albert and Lucinda, and was adopted, or at least, raised by them. 

Lucinda died 28 September 1887, of apoplexy.  She is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn.  Albert remarried to Mary E Breed.  He died in 1905 and is buried in the same plot as Lucinda.  Both are listed in Find-A-Grave.  Mary probably died in 1919 or after. 


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