Clarence Alvin Royce born 22 June 1885

Clarence Royce was born 22 June 1885, in Chelsea VT, son of Calvin Dexter Royce and Mariette E Blood.  As far as I know, he is the only child of this couple.  Mariette was divorced from George Hayes in 1883, but there is some question about whether she ever married Calvin Dexter Royce.  However, in Calvin’s death record, he listed his wife as Mary Hayes.  Clarence’s father Calvin was a farmer. 

In 1900, Clarence was living with his mother (recorded as Minnie) in Camden, Maine.  Her occupation was listed as housework.  Next door is Clarence’s half-sister Grace Simmons.  Minnie had married Dexter Walter Royce in 1895, but it looks like she is listed as widowed.  Perhaps they were just separated at the time.  (Calvin Dexter Royce was Dexter Walter Royce’s uncle.)

Clarence was listed in the 1906, 1908, 1909 and 1912 Quincy MA city directory as boarding with Dexter Royce at 75 Bay View Avenue.  Wives weren’t listed in the city directory, but it is likely that Clarence’s mother was there as well, as she was listed in the 1910 census at that location with Dexter W and Clarence.  Clarence worked as a shipper in a store. 

On 16 October 1912 in Somerville, MA, Clarence married Catherine May Hunt, daughter of James Hunt and Alice Maurzerall.  They were from New Brunswick but had moved to Somerville a few years earlier.  Catherine was a sales lady in a dry goods store.  Clarence was a machinist.  In 1914, Clarence and Catherine lived at 12 Cedar, in Somerville.   

Clarence registered for the draft for WWI, from Somerville, but I have no record that he served in the military.  They were living at 27 Sumner. 

In 1920, Clarence and Catherine were counted in the census, still living on Sumner in Somerville.   Clarence was a dry goods salesman. 

Clarence died 9 August 1926 in Somerville.  I do not have a death record, but his death was listed in the Somerville city directory.  Catherine was listed as late as the 1940 Somerville directory (the last year of the directories on Ancestry), living at 14 Josephine, but I do not have a death record for her.  I found no record of any children for Clarence and Catherine.


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