Elizabeth Cota d 26 June 1940

Elizabeth Cota was born 18 April, 1858, the first of eight children of Henry Cota and Elizabeth LaClair, in Essex, VT.  The family was counted in the 1860 census in that town.  Henry was a railroad laborer, and had real estate valued at $300, with personal property valued at $100.  The household included the Lewis and Julia Leade family, and the Nichols family, but in 1860, relationships were not noted in the census. 

Henry and Betsey moved their family 100 miles back to their hometown of Milton, Quebec, and the family was recorded there in the 1871 Canada census.  The family now included Elizabeth’s siblings:  Mary Jane, William, Martha, and Cordelia. 

Elizabeth’s family was in the 1880 census in Hartford VT, but Elizabeth was not with them.  There is an Elizabeth Cota working as a house servant in Ferrisburgh VT who is about the right age to be this person.  There is a story that she fell in love at sixteen and wanted to marry but her parents refused permission.  She and other siblings worked to help support the family. 

In the 1880 census, Nelson Brooks was working in a peg mill in Bartlett, VT.  Mary Cota (probably Elizabeth’s sister) was also boarding at the same house.  Perhaps she introduced them.  The census was taken on or around 14 June 1880, so Elizabeth and Nelson were married after that.  probably in 1880 or 1881, and probably in Bartlett.  Nelson and Elizabeth had four children.  Son Harvey Fred was born in 1883, and died young.  The other children were Inez Fannett (1886-1964), Althea Eloise (1890-1983), and Helen Marie (1899-1927) who married George Laber. 

By 1899 Lizzie and Nelson had settled in Bartlett, New Hampshire. Nelson worked in a barrel factory; Lizzie worked in the peg mill.  This was probably Kearsage Peg Mill, which made hardwood shoe pegs. 

The 1900 census lists Elizabeth and Nelson living in Bartlett NH.  He worked as a day laborer.  The record confirms four children born, and three still living. 

Nelson died 18 April 1901 of chronic Bright’s disease (kidney failure).  On 17 April 1904, Elizabeth married William Philips in Glen, NH.  William was a painter, son of Robert Phillips and Caroline Famler (Farmer?) from Lowell, MA.  This was the second marriage for both, as he was divorced and she was widowed.  Sadly, William died on 8 November, 1905, of pneumonia, in Bartlett.  It appears that they had no children together.

On 2 November 1909, Elizabeth married Willis C Nash, in Meriden, NH.  He was a farmer, the son of Fields Nash and Jane Walker.  Willis had previously been married to Ellen Johnson, but she had died of tuberculosis in 1907. 

The 1910 census shows them in the nearby town of Plainfield, and the household included Elizabeth’s youngest daughter, Helen.  Willis operated a truck garden.  Elizabeth and Willis were still together in 1920, living at 11 Mahan Street in Lebanon.  Willis was a piecer in a woolen mill. Elizabeth’s daughter Helen had married George Laber.  George’s sister Lana (and husband Tim Woodward and three children) were living with Elizabeth.  Tim was a weaver in a woolen mill.  Lana was a stitcher in an overall shop – perhaps with Elizabeth’s sister Martha who lived next door.

The Lebanon town report shows that Willis Nash died 7 August 1920.  Cause of death and place of burial were not recorded. 

On 30 April 1922, Elizabeth married Albert E Tibbits.  He was 73, born in Barre, Canada, and retired. He was the son of William Tibbitts and Eliza Bennett.  This was his second marriage (his first wife had died) and Elizabeth’s 4th.    This marriage ended in divorce about 1926.

Albert died 16 June 1928 in Keene.  He had been a harness maker, and died of pneumonia. 

In 1930, Elizabeth Tibbetts was living in Lebanon.  Her house was valued at $1000, and she had no occupation listed.  The address is hard to read, but might be #11 Hanover Street.   

Elizabeth died 26 June 1940, in Lebanon.

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