Jane Vroom born 29 June 1809

Jane Vroom was born 29 June 1809 in Clements, Nova Scotia, the first of ten children of Henry Vroom and Abigail Ditmars.  The Vroom and Ditmars families were American Loyalists of Dutch descent. 

Jane Vroom wrote a diary, and it is clear that she was a very religious person.  Much of the diary consists of details about church services and preachings and quotes from the bible.  The Diary also includes references to births, marriages, and deaths of family and friends.  I have transcribed the diary.  It is 33 pages long, and I will not include it here, but if you want a copy, please let me know. 

1838 Mar 13 (or 18) Left Clements the place of my nativity to form new acquaintances and friends.  [This probably refers to a move to Wilmot.]

This past winter has been a time of great prosperity to Zion in this place, the latter part of Dec my father and Mr. Samuel Young and a few other commenced to holding prayer meetings once a week at our house (for we are without a chapel).  The people came in from all quarter, we soon found it requisite to have our meetings three times a week, and sometimes 4, when we had preaching, which was seldom.  The house has been filled to overflowing most every night and often we have found it necessary to open doors and windows to get a little air into the house….

Jane’s sister Harriet married Calvin Wheelock in 1839, and they had three children. 

1840  July 5 Our Chapel at Wilmot was opened today.

1845  July 6 Father, Mother, Calvin, and Harriot have gone to Clements to hear the funeral sermon of my dr cousin Isaac Ditmars, a blooming youth drowned on his passage from Boston.

Jane’s father Henry died 3 February 1846 in Middleton. 

1846 Feb 7th Saturday my dear father was burried he had but 9 days of sickness.  Mr. Barrett preached his funeral sermon in the Baptist Chapel, Pine Grove, from Isaiah 38,5.  Mr. Smithson gave an exhortation and Mr. Bill prayed.  There was a very large solemn assembly, a solemn day indeed, death has entered our family the Lord only knows who next shall be called, may the lord help us each to prepare that our end may be peace as was our dear Father’s.

In 1846, Jane travelled to Boston for a church meeting.

1846  Sept 13th Sabbath this morning went to Mr. Taylors church, heard a sermon from John 15, 14… In the afternoon went to south Boston, heard Mr. Pool preach.  14th Monday morning came to Lynn, in the evening set sail for Nova Scotia, arrived safe on Thursday morning, 17th.

Jane’s diary entry regarding her brother (my 3rd great grandfather) John Ditmars Vroom was my source for his death:

1847 Death has entered our family and taken our brother Ditmars, a great sufferer he has been the last 3 years of his life, he died Saturday June the 12th, was burried Monday the 14th.

Apr 29th Saturday accompanied Sister Wheelock and family to Aylesford whither they have moved.

1854  Dec 12 Catherine was married today to Mr. Thomas Raland by Mr. Lockhart.  [Catherine was the widow of Jane’s brother John Ditmars Vroom.]

1857  Harriet died 28 July 1857 in Morristown.  Death has again entered our family, my dear sister Harriet departed this life July 28th she died with a canso in her breast, great were her sufferings for months, which she bore with patience, her end was peace, she was laid by the side of her Father and Brother in Wilmot.  Mr. Engwin preached her funeral sermon.

Three months later, Jane married Calvin Wheelock, and became mother to her sister’s children.  September 26th I took my sisters place, may the Lord help me to be faithful in discharging my duty.

It appears that Jane did not have children of her own, she was 48 when she married. She wrote in her diary infrequently, although she did record deaths, noting diphtheria in the area which claimed four children in one family.  Jane cared for her father-in-law who was part of household, until his death in 1862 at the age of 90.  Her last entry is from June 1863, recording the marriage of her son Wesley. 

Jane died 30 October 1867, and is buried at Pine Grove in Middleton.  She shares a headstone with her sister Harriet and husband Calvin. 




  1. August 7, 2011 at 12:40

    What a treasure to have a diary of an ancestor!

    If there is anything about Abigail Vroom and William West, I would love to have the information.

    Actually I would like to have a copy of the transcript. Let me know how much it would cost to copy and send me one, or can you email it?

    Your blog is wonderful!

    Karin (moka.mmm@gmail.com)

  2. sooze471 said,

    August 7, 2011 at 21:19

    I will send you a sneak preview of Abigail and William. His birthday is Sept. 10, and their anniversary is Sept 10, so the story will be published on Sept. 10. I will send you the transcript and copy of images of Jane’s diary, and perhaps you will be able to fill in some of the blanks. It is always helpful to have another set of eyes.


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