Reinhold Hintz b 1 July 1892

Reinhold Hintz was born 1 July 1892, in Hebron ND, the fourth of nine children of Christoph Hintz and Sophia Hintz.  Christoph and Sophia were Germans from Russia, and had come to the US in 1885.  The family lived for a short time in South Dakota, then went to North Dakota, eventually settling on a homestead north of Elgin, on Antelope Creek. 

In the 1900 census, Reinhold was listed with his family.  This sparsely settled area didn’t have a town name, but was designated Township 135 Range 89, in Morton county.  His father was listed as a farmer, and Reinhold was listed as “at school”.  Reinhold’s father died later that year.

Reinhold was confirmed at Hope Lutheran Church in Leipzig ND on March 24, 1907.  In 1910, Reinhold lived with his mother and siblings, who were listed at farmers still at Township 135 Range 89. 

Reinhold registered for the World War 1 draft.  At the time, he was a student of divinity at Phalen Lutheran Seminary, in St Paul, MN.  He became a Lutheran minister, and his first call was to Kincaid, Saskatchewan in 1919. Kincaid is a very small farming community in the southern part of the province.   He is recorded in US to Canada Border Crossings as passing through the check station at North Portal, Saskatchewan, on 10 July 1919.  His occupation was listed as “missionary.”

Reinhold married Ida Neumann on 2 May 1920 in Hebron ND.  They eventually had six children. All born in Canada.  In 1923, Reinhold officiated at the wedding of his youngest sister, Anna Marie Hintz to Alfred David Plewes on 20 December 1923, in Saskatchewan. 

Reinhold and Ida moved to Laporte, Sask. for four years, and then to Stoughton, Sask, for three years.  They were in Brandon, Manitoba for seven years, and Steinback, Manitoba for five years.  In 1941, Reinhold and his family moved to Goodrich, North Dakota.  He was at Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church in Kulm ND 1950-1951.  Reinhold was in the active ministry for 32 years, serving 22 of those in Canada.  Rev. Hintz resigned after his first stroke.

Reinhold died 9 August 1955 in Goodrich ND.  Ida died in 1986.  They are buried at Arthur cemetery in Arthur, ND with their children Harold and Idalia.


  1. Vivian said,

    July 23, 2013 at 14:56

    I am a granddaughter of Ida’s sister. I have been looking for descendants of the Neumann family. We have recently emptied my parents’ house and have found pictures that belonged to my grandmother. So far, I have not found any of Ida and her family, but I have pictures of other family members that I would be happy to send.

  2. sooze471 said,

    July 23, 2013 at 17:44

    I am always on the lookout for old family photos. Do you know who the people are? Are you thinking of scanning and sharing, or sending the actual photos? It would be an interesting project to try to find actual descendants of the people involved and get the photos to them if they are interested. Sort of like finding an old family bible and reuniting it with the family. Let me know what you have in mind. I’d be happy to help you look, or take that project on if you are just looking to “re-home” the photos.

    If you’d like to send me another comment to this post that includes your e-mail address, I would NOT approve it to be posted here so that your e-mail remains private, but I would be able to contact you directly to discuss this further.


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