Aramenta Elzora Elizabeth Hodges m John Angus Cruikshank 2 July 1913

John Angus Cruikshank was born 4 October 1892 in Sheet Harbour, near Halifax Nova Scotia.  The Nova Scotia vital records site at doesn’t have an original birth certificate, but rather paperwork dated 14 October 1960, which attempts to document John’s birth date by using census records.  Perhaps late in life, he needed to establish his age.  He was issued a delayed registration of birth in 1961 with the above date, and naming his parents as James McGregor Cruikshanks and Jane Hope.  

In 1901, John lived at Sheet Harbour with his parents James and Jane and six siblings.  James was a laborer in the woods, and they were of Scotch descent.  In 1911, John lived at Sheet Harbour with parents recorded as McGregor and Jennie Cruikshanks.  James was working as a surveyor. 

Araminta Hodges was born 29 March 1896 in Millville, NS, the fourth of five children of Egbert Hodges and Nancy Florence Fielding.  She was named for her father’s sister who died six months earlier. 

In 1901 Araminta lived with her parents and siblings in Millville.  Her father was a farmer.  The family was Methodist, of Irish descent.  Her grandparents were also in the household.  The 1911 census has them in the same location, but now listed as Baptists. 

On 2 July 1913, John married Araminta in Kentville NS.  The marriage record listed John as a bachelor, age 22, Presbyterian, and a laborer living in Millville.  The marriage record lists his parents as James McGregor and Jane, with James a surveyor.  The bride was listed as Araminta Elzora Hodges, age 20, spinster, Baptist, born and living in Millville.  Her parents were Egbert and Florence, farmer.  On this particular document, the parties married signed the form, along with the witnesses and clergyman. 

This marriage record also has corrections requested by John in a document dated 1958.  Even though Araminta signed it as Araminta Elzora, John requested that her second given name be corrected to Elizabeth, claiming that is how it is recorded on her birth record.  He also wanted her age to be changed from 20 to 17, which would be correct.  (John was actually three months short of being 22 as claimed on the original marriage record.)  In checking the birth record, I find that she has a delayed registration of birth.  In 1945, her sister attested to the date and place of the birth, and her middle name was recorded in the delayed registration, as Elizabeth.  So why didn’t she sign it that way when she got married?

John and Araminta had a son Ervin St-Clair Cruishank, born 9 September 1914.  A second son, Cyril, was born about November 1915.  He died in Halifax on 20 February 1916 of pneumonia, and is buried at Aylesford, according to the death certificate, but is actually at Morristown.   

John and Araminta moved to Massachusetts about 1923.  John is listed in the manifest of passengers arriving from Halifax in May 1923.  He lists Araminta and son living in Aylesford, but lists the final destination as Somerville, MA.  Araminta is listed as arriving from Yarmouth NS in March 1924.  Irvin was with her, and their destination seems to be Auburndale, MA. 

They are listed in the 1930 census at #20 Columbus Avenue in Waltham.  They have a son Irvin who was born about 1915 in Canada.  John was a bus operator. 

They first show up in the 1930 Waltham city directory at 20 Columbus, as John A and Minta E, bus operator.  About 1930, his employer, the Middlexex and Boston Street Railway transitioned from street cars to buses.  In 1935 and 1936, they are living at 177 South.  John is chauffeur for M&B Street Railway, and son Irvin is a student.  In 1939, their address is 179 South.  Irvin lives with his parents and was employed as a bookbinder.  By 1941, Irvin/Ervin has moved to 6 Lawrence, and John and Araminta are still at 179 South.  John became a naturalized citizen on 15 September, 1941, and Ervin in 1942.  I did not find a naturalization record for Araminta

The directory of 1943 has the same information for John and Araminta.  Ervin has married Doris, and is working for Raytheon, and living at 290 Ash.  (Raytheon started as a developer of electronics that would allow radios to be plugged in, rather than running on batteries.)

In 1945, John and Araminta have the same residence and occupation, and Ervin/Irvin is no longer listed in Waltham.

The city directory for 1952 lists John and Araminta still at 179 South, but now John is an inspector for M&B Street Railway.  “Irving” has moved home, and Doris is not with him, so perhaps there was a death or divorce. The 1958 directory lists John and Araminta still at 179 South, same occupation, but Irvin is gone again. The 1962 directory lists John and Araminta at the same address, but no occupation is listed.  At age 72, perhaps John has retired.   

John died in October of 1962, presumably in Waltham, as the 1964 directory lists Araminta, widow of John, at the same home.  This is the last year that the directory is available on Ancestry. 

Sometime after 1964, Araminta moved to Florida.  She died 10 October 1979 at Satellite Beach.  I have no record of Ervin after 1952. 


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