Anna Marie Hintz died 3 July 1985

Anna Marie Hintz was born 19 October 1900 in Leipzig, ND, the last of nine children of Christoph Hintz and Sophia Fink, who were ethnic Germans from Russia.  Anna Marie’s father died four days before she was born.  Her parents had homesteaded near Liepzig, north of Elgin.  Before her father died, he was a farmer and also worked on the railroad. 

In 1910, Anna lived with her mother and siblings at the homestead.  Anna was confirmed at Hope Lutheran Church on March 28, 1915.  Anna received her Christian and Public School education in Leipzig.  In 1919, Anna took a secretarial course at Dakota Business College in Fargo ND.  In the 1920 census, she was living with her brother Adolph. 

She was employed by various banks in North Dakota until 1923.  Anna and Alfred “David” Plewes were married by her brother, Pastor Reinhold Hintz, in Stoughton Saskatchewan on 20 December 1923.  David was the son of John Plewes and Eliza Thompson, and had been born 12 march 1887 in Artemesia, Ontario.

The couple went to David’s homestead in the Monchy area of Saskatchewan, which he had homesteaded in 1912.  In 1924, David and Anna moved to Orkney, Sask.  They were the first residents of the village.  They had a son and daughter.  Following her husband’s death, in 1966, Anna continued to manage his insurance business as well as the affairs of the farm, which had been rented out.  She retired in 1975, and took up residence in Pioneer Lodge in Orkney.  Anna was always active in church.  Anna was a member of the Lutheran Church in Orkney, she taught Sunday school and held confirmation classes.  Anna died 3 July 1985 in Orkney.


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