Joel Holt born 4 July 1764

Joel Holt was born 4 July 1764 in Andover MA, the son of John Holt and Rachel Fletcher Varnum.

Joel Holt was in the Revolutionary War for three years as a private, then corporal. He enlisted in February 1781 when he was 16. He served in the first New Hampshire Regiment.  He was appointed a wagon master on 9 November 1783 and ordered to conduct General Washington’s baggage to Virginia.  After that, he was sent to West Point, and there he received his honorable discharged 20 December 1783.   

Joel married Polly Colburn on 30 Nov 1787 in Wilton NH.  She was the daughter of Amos Colburn and Mary Parkhurst. The family lived in Nelson, then Lyndeborough NH. 

While in Nelson, Joel applied for a pension.  He had to present an inventory of his property, minus necessary clothing and bedding.  His property included real estate valued at $50, a horse, two oxen, four cows, and two calves valued at $115, sheep $60, sleigh, harness and saddle $9.50, and other farm equipment and stock valued at about $69.  He also had $236 of debt.  He stated that he was unable to work to support himself because of something he received while in the military.  (Not able to make out the word – it isn’t “disease” or “injury”.)  Joel did eventually receive a pension of $80 per year.

Joel’s death was reported in “The Farmers Cabinet, a newspaper from Amherst, published 20 July 1847:  Died:  In Milford, June 16th, Mr. Joel Holt, a Revolutionary War pensioner, age 84

After Joel died, Polly applied for a bounty land grant.  She had to provide proof of marriage to the soldier, so this application was anothter source for that information.  It appears that she granted 160 acres on 5 Dec 1855.  Polly died 1 July 1858.  Their daughter Patty married Oliver Perham, who was also the child of a Revolutionary War soldier. 





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