Fredrich Hintz died 6 July 1963

Fred Hintz was born 12 March 1896 in Leipzig, ND.  He was the sixth of nine children of Christoph Hintz and Sophia Fink, ethnic Germans from Russia who came to the US in 1885.  Fred’s father was a farmer and railroad worker.  In 1900, Fred was living with the rest of the family in Antelope Creek near Leipzig.  Christoph died when Fred was only four years old. 

In 1910, he lived with Sophia and the unmarried siblings at the homestead in Antelope Creek.  He grew up and attended school at Old Leipzig.  (When the railroad went through the area, most of the town moved, buildings and all, several miles south to what became New Leipzig, and what remained in the original location was then called Old Leipzig.)

Fred registered for the WW1 draft from Grant county ND, but I have no indication that he was called to serve. 

Fred married Emma Schmidt on 23 February, 1919, in Elgin ND.  They lived with his widowed mother for a time.  In 1920, they lived at Fourth and Maine in Elgin.  Fred was a machinist and had his own shop.  They had one daughter. Fred and his family were listed in the 1925 state census, but this document doesn’t provide information such as addresses or occupations.

Fred also worked as a carpenter, and built several homes in Elgin.  Fred bought a new Chevy in 1930, and a young lad in town wondered how he could afford it in those times.  But he made some pocket money by “simonizing” the new car for Fred.

Fred operated the Elgin Cream Station several years and Bridgeman Russell Co. Cream Station for 2 1/2 years, ending in 1935.  Fred was mayor of Elgin 1934-1936, and 1944-1946. He was also alderman for 11 years.   In 1945, he moved his cream station to the former Reinke Meat Market on Main Street.  Forget-Me-Nots were sold to raise money for veterans, and Mayor Hintz set aside Sept. 1, 1945 for the drive. Fred also operated the movies at the Elgin theater. Fred and Emma moved to Springville, NY, to be near their daughter and family.  He built many houses in Springville, and had not completed his own new home before passing away from a heart attack.

He died 6 July 1963, at age 63 and Emma died 16 September 2003, at age 104.  They are buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Springville, NY, near their daughter Lillian and her husband Robert Kessler. 



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