Ruth Laber married Herbert Stevens 7 July 1927

Ruth Lizzie Laber was born 24 December, 1907, in Lebanon, daughter of Frank T Labor and Isabel “Lizzie LaClair”.  She was the youngest of nine children.  Frank was a laborer.  I have not been able to find Frank’s family in the 1910 census.  In 1920, twelve-year-old Ruth lived with her parents and the two youngest brothers, Frank D and Wilmer, in Lebanon, where her father had a farm on Meriden Road.  Frank T and Frank D were listed as laborers in the woods.  

Pictures of Ruth as a child show a beautiful young girl, looking almost like a china doll in one photograph with sisters Bessie and Lana.  Ruth’s mother died when she was 17, and Bessie made sure she finished school, graduating from Lebanon HS in 1926. 

Herbert Albert Stevens was born 1 November 1906 in Plymouth, MA, the son of William Stevens and Amanda L Stirk.  His father, a weaver, was from England, and his mother from Pennsylvania.  He had at least two older brothers, Archie and Charles, and a younger sister Anna.  I have not been able to find the family in the 1900 census, but they should be in Plymouth, as Anna was born there in 1910 and died there the next year.  Herbert’s mother died when he was twelve.  I could not find them in 1920.

Ruth married Herbert Stevens on 7 July 1927, in Lebanon by Reverent Howard White.  It was the first marriage for both. Herbert was a weaver, and Ruth was a stitcher.  I could not find Ruth and Herb Stevens in the 1930 census.  They had two children, Walter (1932-1988) and Ruth (1936-2003).  Both children were born in Hanover, but I have not been able to find them in any Lebanon or Hanover directories. 

Ruth’s niece remembers that Ruth and Herbert were not well off, as it seems that every time Ruth had work, Herbert was not employed.  Herbert was employed with the state highway department.  He died 8 Nov 1949 in Newport NH, outliving his father by just a few months.

Ruth’s niece says that Ruth remarried and outlived a second husband.  She then married third husband, Frank Marsh, but died not long after, at the age of 48.  I have not been able to find a name or date for the second husband.  If the third husband is Frank David Marsh, born 26 November 1896, then she is at least his third wife. 

Ruth died 29 February 1956 in Grantham NH.  She and Herbert share a headstone, but I am not sure if they are in Valley or Pine Tree cemetery in Lebanon. 

Maybe one of my readers can provide details to make this story more complete?  Where were Ruth and Herb in 1930?  Did she really have a second husband before Marsh?  Who and when?  Where is she buried?







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