Arthur Labor born 9 July 1887

Arthur Hayes Labor was born 9 July 1887, in Barton VT.  He was the third child of Louis Labor and Viola Ella Downing.  His father was a farmer, born in Canada and his mother was born  in Barton. 

In 1900, Arthur was with his family in Barton.  Lewis was a day laborer, and the older children were in school.  In 1910, Arthur was living in Burke, working as the hired man for James McDonald, farmer. 

On 24 December 1913, Arthur married Anna Ethel Rosa Priest, daughter of Alonzo Priest and Eva Fox.  Arthur and Anna eventually had six children.  Doris died as a two-year-old of colitis.   Son Gordon died in St-Lo, France during WW2.  Marion died as a two-year-old after accidentally falling into hot water.  Arthur apparently moved around a bit as the six children’s births were registered in five different towns in north-eastern Vermont:  Barton, Albany, Sutton, West Burke, and Lyndon. 

When Arthur registered for WW1, on 5 June 1917, he was living in West Glover, employed in farming by C.W. Williams in Albany VT.  At that time, he had a wife and one child.  He was described as medium height, medium build, brown eyes and dark brown hair. 

In 1920, Arthur and Annie lived in Sutton VT with their first three children.  Arthur’s occupation was laborer, but it looks like he might have been working as a chauffer.   In 1930, the family was in Kirby VT.  Arthur’s occupation was “helper” on the railroad. 

The 1930 Lyndonville city directory lists Laber, Arthur (Annie E) employed by the Canadian Pacific Railroad, home in Lyndon center.  In 1933 and 1935, the directory lists Arthur as a blacksmith. 

The 1940 census shows the family in at 129 East Street in Lyndonville, VT.  Arthur was a machinist’s helper at a steam railroad shop.

Arthur registered for the WW2 draft in from Lyndonville, VT.  This was called the “Old Man’s Draft” as it applied to men born on or after April 28, 1877 and on or before February 16, 1897.  At the time, he was employed by the Canadian Pacific Railway, and the employer’s address was Montreal, Quebec.   

The 1948 Lyndonville city directory, lists Labor, Arthur (Annie), with Arthur working as a machinists helper for the CPRR shops.  The 1950 and 1954 directory lists Annie and Arthur at 57 East, Lyndonville, and Arthur has retired.  Son Howard and his wife live with them. 

Arthur died 3 March 1975, at the Darling Inn Convalescent Home.  His occupation was listed as machinist for the railroad.  Cause of death was congestive heart failure due to arteriosclerosis heart disease.  He was entombed at Lyndon Center Cemetery and later buried at Hillside Cemetery in West Burke.    Anna died 15 November 1985 and is also buried at Hillside.


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