William Quint married Judith Clark 12 July 1797

William Quint was born 5 October 1758 in Berwick, ME, son of Joshua and Abigail Quint.  Judith (sometimes called Juda) was born 18 August 1770 in Wells, ME, daughter of Solom Clark and Judith Norton.

William was a Revolutionary War soldier.

William married Joanna Annis of Wells on April 27, 1780.  They resided at Lyman (then known as Cox Hall), Maine in 1790.  They moved to Anson, Maine, where Joanna died.  He sold his farm at Cox Hall September 9, 1797.  William married to Judith Clark on 12 July 1797 in Wells.  They moved to North Anson about 1810, and later to Starks, Maine.   

William died in Starks, ME on 14 September, 1830.  Many years after he died, Judith applied for a widow’s pension.  In order to qualify for the pension, she had to provide proof of marriage.  This was accomplished by having the town clerk from Wells give a written deposition that his records recorded their marriage.  William’s sister Rachel and Judith’s brother Adam also gave similar depositions.  Judith also had to appear in District Court and testify about her husband’s military service. 

Transcription (some parts hard to read):    On the ninth day of January AD 1850 personally appeared in open Court before the District Court for the _____ probate at Norridgewock within and for the county of Somerset in the State aforementioned on the second Tuesday of said month Judith Quint, a resident of Starke in the county aforesaid aged seventy eight years, being first sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the provisions made by the Act of Congress proposed on the 29th day of July AD 1848, granting pensions to widows of persons who served during the Revolutionary war, that she is the widow of William Quint who was a private and served in Capt. Jeremiah Goodwin’s Company on Col. Wigglesworth’s Regiment and in Capt Staple’s Company in the Massachusetts troops during the Revolutionary war; that from the best o.. . that she came to make her said husband served under Capt. Goodwin first for the term of four months at Ticonderoga and other places in 1776 and then for the rest of the months in 1777 and afterwards  in 1778 he served under Capt. Staples at Fishkill for the Amt of nine months; that at the time of his enlistment he resided at Berwick on Maine his native place and served with the troops raised in that town, that he removed from Berwick to Anson after the war where his first wife died; that he then removed to Wells, where this declarant became acquainted with him and that she was married to the said William Quint in that part of Wells in the county of York now called Kennebunk on the Third day of September in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven and immediately removed with her said husband to Anson and thence to Stark in Maine at which last place her said husband died on the fourteenth day of September 1830 aged seventy two years, that he was not placed on any pension list under any act of Congress during his life time.  That she has caused the records of the town of Wells and parish records to be examined and can find no record of her marriage but did find a record of her publishment which is certified by the Town Clerk.  That her name before marriage was Judith Clark, familiarly also called Juda Clark, that she was not married to him   _____ but the marriage took place _____

That she has remained a widow ever since the death of her said husband. The proof of her declaration wherefore to the certificate and affidavit annexed and to the rolls and records of the War Department and prays for a pension or a account of her said husband’s services; that she has never before made any application for a pension.


Attest                                                                           Judith       Quint

  Hiram Belcher                                                                       mark

   William Allen

Subscribed and Sworn to in open Court on the day and year above written  

Richard D. Rice sole Judge of District court Mictell Dist

I certify that satisfactory evidence has been ad….ed in court that the above named declarant is a credible witness and that she is the reputed widow of William Quint deceased.

                                    Richard D. Rice

Judith did receive a pension of $40 per year.  She died 1 April 1850. 



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