Philip Kiser married Mary Morris 13 July 1796

Philip Kiser was born about 1780 in Pennsylvania, the son of German immigrants, John Kiser and Phoebe Kesler.  Philip’s family moved to Stokes County, North Carolina.  Mary Morris, also called Polly, was born about 1787, but I have not yet learned the names of her parents. 

The first major industry to develop in Stokes County was mining and iron making.  Kiser’s bloomery forge, on the headwaters of Town Fork Creek ten miles southwest of Danbury, was built in 1796 by Phlip Kiser and George Hauser. It had two fires, one hammer, and was water powered.  It ceased operation around 1850.  A bloomer is a type of furnace once widely used for smelting iron from its oxides, and is the earliest form of smelting iron.  A bloomery’s product is a porous mass of iron and slag called a bloom. This mix of slag and iron in the bloom is termed sponge iron, which is usually consolidated and further forged into wrought iron.  The bloomery has now largely been superseded by the blast furnace, which produces pig iron.

Philip and Mary were married 13 July 1796 in Stokes County, and they had two children, Lewis and Martha, both born before 1800.  Mary died about 1802. 

Philip remarried, to Margaret “Peggy” Kiger on 18 May 1805.  They had at least three children, William, Temperance, and Charity. 

Philip and family were counted in the 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, and 1840 censuses in Stokes County.  The 1830 and 1840 censuses recorded how many slaves were owned, and Philip was one of the largest slave-owners in the area.  The 1850 census lists Philip and Peggy, no children at home, at Shores Reed district of Stokes County.  His real estate was valued at $9000, by far the highest valued property in the area. He was an inn-keeper.  I have not found Philip or Peggy in the 1860 census.  Most posted trees on Ancestry say Philip died in 1859.


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