Louis Nelson LaBombard died 14 July 1936

Louis LaBombard was born 17 August 1895 in Ellenburg NY, the 12th of 13 children of John P LaBombard and Lavina Bordeau. Five of his brothers and sisters had died before the 1900 census.

Louis’ family moved to Lebanon NH where his father operated a farm.  They were counted in the 1900 census there.  The household included Stephen Bilow who had just married Louis’ sister Elsie. In 1910, Louis lived on High Street in Lebanon.  It appears his father had retired, as his occupation was listed as “own income.”  Louis, at age 15, was a clerk in a grocery and meat market. 

On 17 August, 1914, his birthday, Louis married Nellie Mae LaBombard, daughter of George Nelson Labombard and Viola LaBarre. James A McCorey was the clergyman.  Nellie was his second cousin once removed.  This was the first marriage for both, and Louis reported his occupation as grocer.  His father was recorded as retired, and George was a farmer.  Their daughter Violet was born a year later, but only lived 30 hours, due to complications at childbirth.  At the time of her birth, Louis and Nellie lived at 2 Maynard street in Hanover, and he was a meat market keeper.   

Louis was listed in the 1916 Lebanon city directory as having a grocery/meat market at 65 Hanover street, and residing at #20 High Street.  Louis’ WW1 draft registration card indicates that he owned a grocery, and described him as medium height, slender build, brown eyes, black hair, and claiming no disability.  Although registered, he did not serve in the military.

Louis and Nellie’s son Wendell was born 19 September 1919.  (He was a career military man, and died in 1999 in Florida.)  At the time of the 1920 census, Louis and Nellie lived at #4 West Street.  Louis owned his own market and was a meat cutter. 

The 1924 Lebanon directory has an ad for BW Labombard at 65 Hanover Street in Lebanon, meats and provisions, fine groceries, cigars and tobacco, fruits and vegetables.  This is Bert William Labombard, Louis’ brother. Louis and Nellie lived at 4 West.  Perhaps Louis sold his business to his older brother.  The 1930 census shows that Louis had changed his occupation to contractor/excavating.  Louis and Nellie owned their home, which was valued at $20,000.  This census asked if the household had a radio, and they did. Nellie’s sister Esther lived with them. 

The 1931 Lebanon City Directory (Hanover section) lists the family on S. Park, and Louis is in the business list of the directory, in the carpenter/contractor/builder section.  He also operated the Park Street Garage.

Louis died 14 July 1936 in Lebanon.  His death record lists him as a merchant.  Cause of death was chronic myocarditis for 3 years, with contributing causes acute alcoholism and intestinal obstruction 3-5 days.  He was only 40, and was buried at Mount Calvary in Lebanon.  Nellie remarried to Frank Steele.  They moved to New Smyrna Beach in Florida.  Nellie died in 1985, at age ninety. 


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