Douwe Ditmars died 15 July 1832

Douwe Ditmars was born 18 November 1750, the son of Douwe Ditmars and Catherine Snedeker.  They were of Dutch descent and had settled in what is now New York City.  On 16 July 1768, he married Catherine Snedeker, daughter of Isaac Snedeker and Catrytje Dorland.  Douwe’s wife was also his cousin, niece of his mother.  They were married in New York.

This branch of the Ditmars family was Loyalist.  His father became an ensign in the Loyalist forces, then most of the family moved to Nova Scotia in 1783.  Douwe had seven children, the first five born in NY and the last two in NS.  This Douwe eventually inherited his father’s house, which was the first one in the area. This web page has nice information about Douwe’s father but also has photographs and descriptions of the homes of both generations. 

As can be imagined, trying to sort out two generations where the parents have the same name as one of the sons and his wife has been confusing.  And while this seems an unusual name now, I have eight in my family, and only two of those have middle names to help sort them out.  The elder Douwe had received a land grant that eventually became Clementsport NS, and donated land (or actually sold for a token amount) the land for the church and cemetery. In honor of him, many children were named Douwe or Ditmars, and my great grandfather had Ditmars as his middle name. 

Douwe died in 1832 in Clementsport, and was buried at St. Edwards.  His headstone is inscribed: 

In memory of Douwe Ditmars who departed this life July 15, 1831, in the 82d year of his age. 

“The Lord’s right hand his saints shall raise

From the deep earth or deeper seas

And bring them to his courts above

To taste the sweetness of his love.”

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