Adam Hintz married Julianna Weiss 26 July 1818

Adam Hintz was born 15 August 1799, and Julianna Weiss was born in 1802, both in Poland.  Both were of German descent, but I do not know their parents.  Adam and Julianna were part of the recruitment and migration of Germans to Russia, encouraged by Catherine the Great to come settle her country, and to provide a buffer against some of Russia’s neighbors. tells the story of Germans in Russia. Leipzig was founded in 1815, Zerpnevoye is current the Russian name. 

Adam and Julianna were married on 26 July 1818 in Leipzig, Akkerman District, Bessarabia, Russia.  Adam and Julianna had eight children.  Three died as infants.  Their children died in Russia.  When the Germans settled in Russia, they were supposed to be able to keep their own language, religions and schools, and not have to serve in the Russian military.  In two generations, those conditions changed, and many of Adam’s grandchildren left Russia and went to the United States and Canada.   The following is a timeline for the community of Liepzig.  The land was owned by General Subanajew and the cabinet advisor known as Chanov who broke the land into 60 desjantines or about 65 acres of land.  

  • 1814 /15 – German-Russian village of Leipzig was officially established 128 families. Many were Separatists, a religious movement of the times.  The village was named in honor of those who fought in the Battle of Leipzig (18 Oct 1813) under the victorious Tsar Alexander I and Napoleon’s Army.  Each colonist received: a yoke of oxen; one cow; one wooden wagon; plow; harrow; spade; pick; two sickles; hammer; food stuff; daily allowance of 5 kopecks per person.
  • 1815 the villagers who were part of the Lutheran community was taken into the Parish of Tarutino
  • 1821 to 1823 failed harvest
  • 1826 Grasshopper Plague
  • 1823 Livestock Epidemic
  • 1827 Report showed the village had achieved: The homes were: only one house of stone;12 wicker [reed] houses which had been plastered; 3 were sod houses; 2 earthen houses; 100 wells; 126 orchards and vineyards; Domestic Animals: 254 horses; 1118 cattle; 644 sheep Grasshopper Plague repeated
  • 1829 School was completed
  • 1831 Cholera Epidemic
  • 1833 Failed Harvest Livestock Epidemic 
  • 1843 Fifteen more families joined the Leipzig colony from 1847 Grasshopper Plague
  • 1848 Cholera Epidemic
  • 1855 Cholera Epidemic Livestock Epidemic
  • 1860 There is mentioned that immigration from Leipzig had already started
  • 1868 Second school was completed There is mention that teachers had been given homes in which to live…
  • 1885 The last family members of Johann Friedrich Hintz (deceased, son of Adam and Julianna) moved to the Dakota Territories. 
  • 1894 Administration District Offices were built or were in the process of being built as needed due to having the local train depot for the area….
  • 1913 to 1915 the railroad between Leipzig and Akkerman which ended in Vladivostok, Siberia…. was completed in time for the soldiers to be transported for WW I
  • 1920 King Ferdinand I von Hohenzollern and his Queen visited Leipzig Parish
  • 1927 Report: Houses: 963 stone and brick houses; 648 horse stables; 502 barns; 135 dripping wells; 121 artesian wells; 995 houses; 1239 cattle; 3801 sheep; crops were: linseed (flax), Castor beans, soy beans, wheat, oats, corn
  • 2 Sept 1927 a major cloud burst caused the Kogaelnik River to churn into a “ocean of fury” and it affected Leipzig….
  • 1939 More than half of the German-Russian families had left Leipzig
  • 1940 Deportation of German-Russians from Bessarabia to Siberia, Middle Asia, or German-occupied Poland. 



  1. Heather Hintz Cook said,

    April 7, 2013 at 15:01

    This is really great! Adam and Juliana are my great …(etc) grandparents. Interesting to read about the timeline. Never really knew the history behind them.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  2. louise wiens said,

    September 7, 2013 at 19:31

    Hi: My 94 year old mother is living and is from Leipzig. After the l940 deportation she was sent to Siberia for 10 years where she met my father,a Mennonite from the Ukraine. We came to Canada from Germany in l961.Thanks for the info on the village. I have heard about Leipzig and life there almost every day of my life. Louise Wiens (Canada)

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