Samuel Paul married Myra May Leonard 27 July 1908

Samuel Charles Paul was born 19 September 1885 in Compton, Quebec, the second of three children of William Francis Paul and Lydia Ann Degoosh. The 1891 Canada census lists Samuel with his family in Compton.  The family’s religion was “Church of England”.  His father and mother could read and write, and they reported no infirmities in the family (deaf, mute, blind, or insane.)  The list of people includes Willie and Aaron Paul, but those are really William and Aaron Garey, Lydia’s sons from a previous marriage. 

Samuel’s family moved back to Barton, and are listed there in 1900.   William was a farmer.  Lydia reported 12 children born, nine living.  Samuel had an older sister Ethel Eliza, and a younger sister Myrtle.  William and Aaron lived with the family, as did Joseph H Labor, Samuel’s half brother. 

Samuel’s sister Myrtle died in 1903.  His sister had married Thomas Pitchford, but she died in 1908.

Myra May Leonard was born 23 September, 1887, in St. Thomas Du Pierreville, Quebec, daughter of Mitchel Leonard and Rosa Jarome.  On 27 July 1908, she married Samuel Paul.  At the time of marriage, he was a farmer residing in Barton. 

Sam and Myra’s first son was born in Barton in 1909 (died 1992).  William Mitchell Paul was named for his two grandfathers.    The family was counted in the 1910 census in Barton.  It says that Sam had immigrated (from Quebec to US) in 1895. 

Rose Ila was born in Charleston in 1912 (died 1970), and named after her grandmother.  Ethel Olive was probably named for Samuel’s older sister.  Edith Myrtle carries Samuel’s younger sister’s name as her middle name.  Sam and Myra eventually had seven children – the son followed by six daughters, all of whom married and had children. 

Samuel registered for the WW1 Draft from Sheffield.  The card said that he was a natural born citizen born in Quebec.  The registrar clarified that he was born in Quebec from naturalized parents.  He claimed a wife and four children.  He was described as short, medium build, light blue eyes and dark brown hair. 

In 1920, the family lived and farmed on Duck Pond Road in Sheffield.  Samuel’s mother had died in 1914, and his father William lived with Samuel.   Samuel and Mary could read and write.  They rented their home. 

Around 1921, the family moved to Barton, where daughter Ruth was born.   The last child was born in 1926 in Westmore, and Samuel reported that he was a machinist.  In 1930, Samuel and Myra lived in Barton, where he worked as a plumber.  They lived on South Barton Road, and his father William still lived with them. 

Samuel and Myra still lived in Barton when he registered for the WWII draft.  He was described as 5’6”, 115 pounds, blue eyes, gray hair, and initials tattooed on his left arm.  He was employed by Carl Labor, but no occupation was listed.   (Carl is son of Joseph H Labor, Samuel’s half brother.  Family Tree Maker says Samuel is Carl’s half uncle.)

Samuel and Myra moved to Concord NH, possibly because daughter Rosa Paul (Mrs Moses Champagne) lived there.  Samuel died in Concord in June, 1968, and Myra died 3 September, 1983.  Both were buried at Saint Paul’s Cemetery in Barton. 



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