Andre Patry (Patris, Patre) married Henriette Cartois 28 July 1675

Andre Patry was born in 1649 in Airvault, France, son of Rene Patry and Renee Cousinet.  He was from the area of the Thouet River which was known in the Roman times as the “Valley of Gold.”   The local church in his area was built over 800 years ago and is still standing.  Henrietta Cartois was born in 1651 in Paris, daughter of Lambert Cartois and Marie Lambert.

Henriette was born about 1651 in Paris.  She was an orphan, and went to New France as one of the Daughters of the King, young women sent to Quebec to encourage the men there to marry and settle and help keep the English out.  The following description of her life is from the Internet – I do not remember the source and was not able to find it again. 

Henriette was an orphan girl who grew up to be one of the “daughters of the King”. She left France on the ship Saint-Jean-Baptiste from the port of Dreppe in June 1671. She arrived in Quebec on 18 Oct 1671. Suitors presented themselves on arrival and she signed a contract with Michel Autebout. They married on 26 Oct 1671 at Notre-Dame de Quebec. They had two girls, Jeanne and Genevieve. Michel died soon after the birth of Genevieve. Her second marriage was with our ancestor Andre Patry and they had five children. She was with all the socialites of the time. When her second husband died she married a soldier named Jean Coutelet dit Larochelle. She soon separated from him and lost her means of survival. By 1701 she struggled for survival as a beggar. She was taken to court on 15 Jul 1702 for robbing a man of playing card money after he refused her charity. Playing card money was playing cards that were blank on the back that had promissory notes written on the back. These cards were used freely in Quebec as money due to the shortage of currency since money arriving from France was sent back to purchase more than what was produced in New France. The old playing card money was burned when currency arrived and new playing card money used when the money from France was consumed.

Andre Patry died in 1691.  Henriette died 23 July 1729.


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