George Vroom married Sarah VanBuskirk 29 July 1841

George Augustus Wellington Vroom was born about 1811 in Nova Scotia, the son of George Vroom and Mary Amberman.  Sarah Jane VanBuskirk was born 26 May 1819 in Wilmot, Nova Scotia, daughter of Charls VanBusKirk and Garritje Vroom.  George and Sarah were married 29 July 1841 in Clements, NS at St Clements Parish at the Widow Purdy’s house by Rev W. M. Godfrey, with George Vroom (father), John Vroom (brother) and John Purdy (prob related to Widow Purdy and/or Vrooms) as witnesses. They were first cousins. 

George and Sarah had ten children, and lived in the Clements area of Annapolis County, in Nova Scotia.  George was a sailor and was lost at sea.  The following news item tells of the loss:

SCHOONER LIZZIE CHUTE went ashore at Chegoggin Point [by Yarmouth NS] on Friday night, January 10th, and broke up. All of the crew perished, as follows: John Graham master; David M. Pine mate; George A. Vroom steward; Jacob Johnston, Robert Hawkins, Norman Corkes and Edgar Turner (all four colored), seamen. Charles H. Chute, only son of H. H. Chute, one of the owners, 17 years of age, was a passenger, and also perished. Capt. Graham left a widow and six children, and Vroom a large family. Hawkins and Johnston also left families. Vessel 162 tons register, only six months old, and owned by Chute & Dunn, of Bear River. Her cargo consisted of sugar and molasses. Insured $2000. All the bodies were recovered.


From the Isle of Cape Breton, the port of Cow Bay,

A schooner, the “Vivid,” had started one day

Coal laden for Halifax, sails were all set,

But failed on the ocean by storms that they met.

Daniel Johnson, the captain, and crew of good men,

A minister and wife and six children, all then

With good cheer and prospects upon the great main,

But alas they went down, their hopes were in vain.

And then Lizzie Chute,” was another by name,

From West Indies coming with Captain John Graham,

She struck on the rocks on January ten,

And met a sad fate in all seven men.

A young man among them, Charles Herbert, the one,

Only son of the owner, who now felt undone,

But they went, with the mate, David Pyne and George Vroom,

And a colored cook too, a very sad doom.

Another, the ” Heiress,” at Bear River’s mouth,

Was well lumber laden and off for the South;

But alas she was doomed and by fire consumed;

And so the trip ended as may be presumed.

C. H. W. June, 1893.

George & Sarah are buried in Bear River, NS.  A listing of their family at Bear River Cemetery shows that many of the family died young including two sons also lost at sea.

George A. Vroom, lost at sea Jan 14, 1868 aged 54

Sarah. J. wife d. Jan 28, 1880 aged 66

Paul A. d Sep 7, 1847 aged 2 yrs.

Sophia d Oct 22, 1856 aged 4 yrs

Sarah G. d Jan 19, 1862 aged 12 yrs

Fannie d Dec 9, 1862 aged 17;

Horatio E. lost at sea Oct 17, 1868 aged 20;

William F. W. lost at sea Sep 8, 1880 aged 21


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