Frank Brown married Edla Winship 30 July 1907

Edla Mabel Winship was born & January 1882 in Chelmsford MA, daughter of Marcus H Winship and Clara Butterfield.   She had one older sister, Florence, and her father was a grocer.  In 1900, her family lived on West Chelmsford Road in Chelmsford.  Ella was a student. 

Frank Ray Brown was born 25 July 1883 in Hanover NH, the only child of John Nelson Brown and Josephine Hipsaih Hatch.  The Grafton County Gazetteer of June 1886 reported that John N Brown, machinist, has carried on the business of making special machinery, models, and general jobbing, about 10 years.  The 1900 census lists the Brown family in Durham NH, where John was listed as machinist – teacher, and Frank at age 16 was a college student.  Although a street address was not recorded, they apparently lived in town, as almost everyone on that census sheet was listed as teachers, at college, or professions other than farming. 

Frank married Edla on 30 July 1907, in West Chelmsford, by Rev Francis D Taylor.  The marriage was recorded there, and with the Durham NH town clerk.  He was a teacher in Durham, she was a teacher in West Chelmsford.   Edla’s mother had died in 1903, and Frank’s father died in 1908.

The 1910 census lists Frank and Edla Brown in Durham.  Their son Nelson Winship was one year old, and Frank’s mother lived with them.  Frank was an instructor at the college machine shop and they lived in a rented home. 

The 1917 Strafford County directory lists Frank R Brown living at 17 High Street, (Farmington) with Brown Auto Supply (garage, autos, and supplies) at 17 Central.  When he registered for the WW1 draft, in September 1918, he reported the same home and business address, with Edla as his nearest relative.  He was described as grey eyes, brown hair, medium height and build, and no physical disqualifications. 

Frank and Edla moved to Winchester MA and are listed in the 1919 city directory.  They lived at 208 Main, and Frank continued his work as a machinist.  They were counted there in the 1920 census.  Nelson was 10, and Josephine still lived with the family.  It appears that Nelson, like his father, was an only child.  That tradition carried on one more generation, as Nelson had only one child. 

By 1927, the Browns had moved back to NH.  The Milford city directory says they lived on Hollis Road (Amherst) and Frank was now a poulterer.  The 1930 census has that same information.  Nelson was working as a house painter, and Frank’s mother still lived with them.  (She died in 1934.)

Frank registered for the WWII draft at the Milford town hall.  His occupation was Abbot Machine Works in Wilton.  His nearest relative was Edla, and he was described as 5’8”, 1?0 pounds (image faded), blue eyes, gray hair, light complexion. 

Nelson’s niece Evelyn remembers that Browns raised chickens.  At Christmas time, the Hodges girls always had to wait for him to go home to feed the chickens, then come back, before they could open their presents.  That gave the women time to clean up after dinner. 

I do not have a death date for Frank.  The last record I have for him is the 1942 WWII registration.  I do not have a death date for Edla.  The last record I have for her is a news item in the Nashua Telegraph dated Sep 12, 1959:  Nashua Telegraph real estate transactions – Edla M Brown to Russell F and Janice L Brown, Milford, land and buildings on Border st.




  1. teri said,

    December 20, 2014 at 22:01

    i recently found the 25th anniversary celebration invitation dated October 7, 1875, of Mr & Mrs JC Butterfield at an antique store in Raleigh, NC, and it was at the same time of their daughter and son in law’s wedding, Clara Butterfiled and Marcus Winship. if u r interested in it, please let me know. teri (

    • sooze471 said,

      December 21, 2014 at 06:11

      Thank you for sharing this with me. I have forwarded this information to a distant cousin who is more closely related to the Butterfield family.

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