Dimon Twiss born 1 August 1803

Dimon Twiss was born 1 August 1803 in Antrim NH, the son of Dimon Cressy Twiss and Sarah Sally Ireson.  Dimon’s mother died when he was 12.  Two years later, his father married Mary Jones. 

Dimon was a blacksmith and carried on business in Antrim for many years.  He had a shop just below the bridge, on the brook, south of his father’s house.  One day in August of 1832, Deacon Parmenter asked him how he would like to go on if his shop were in Clinton.  He replied favorably, and accordingly the neighbors went up and the shop went down.  It is said that buildings are not often known to move so quickly as that did.  On the new stand in Clinton he followed his trade more than thirty years. 

Clinton Village was a community within Antrim. 

On 30 October 1834, Dimon married Harriet Parmenter, daughter of Amos Parmenter and Tryphena Bannister.  They had three daughters, Harriet M born in 1836, and Mary Elizabeth born in 1838.   The 1840 census does list 1 male age 30-40, 1 female 20-29, and two females under age 5, which corresponds to his family.  It also states that he was involved in manufacture and trade (not farming).  A third daughter, Hannah Maria was born in late 1840 (after the census date.) All were born in Antrim.  

Dimon’s wife Harriet died 2 December 1844, and on 10 June 1845, Dimon married Mehitable Hill, in Antrim.   In 1850, the family was counted in the census in Antrim.  Dimon is listed as a blacksmith, with real estate valued at $1500.  Only Mary and Hannah were with their parents.  A woman named Betsey Thompson, age 66, also lived with the family.  Relationships were not given in the 1850 census, and I do not know who she is. 

Dimon and Mehitible had a son, Jesse, born in 1855.  In 1860, the family was still in Antrim.  Dimon was still a blacksmith.  This land was valued at $1000 and his personal property at $500.   The family moved to Mont Vernon in 1868.  In 1870, Dimon was a farmer, with real estate valued at $2000 and personal property at $700.    

Mehitible Twiss died 3 June 1874 in Mont Vernon.   The Farmer’s Cabinet (Amherst) published April 22, advertised an auction – Col. Vose of Milford, the popular auctioneer of this section, sells a lot of household articles for Dimon Twiss of Mont Vernon, on Tuesday next week 29th inst, at 12 o’clock noon.  Sale at the residence of Daniel Richardson.  (His son-in-law.)

I was not able to find Dimon in the 1880 census.  He was not with his daughters or son.  He died 10 November 1888 in Mont Vernon.


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