Lydia Ann Degoosh born 6 August 1851

Lydia Ann Degoosh was born 6 August 1851, the fourth of at least six children of Joseph Degoosh (Degauche) and Elizabeth Anne “Betsy” Shannon.  All the children were born in Shipton, in Sherbrooke County, Quebec. 

The 1851 census lists the family in Shipton.  Joseph was a cooper, and the family was Episcopalian.  The children were Nancy, Henrietta, Nathaniel, and Lydia.  Younger brothers Samuel and Thomas came along later.  I was not able to find the family in the 1860 census.

On 4 August, 1870, Lydia married Joseph Labor at the Congregational Church in Sherbrooke.  Joseph Labor of Wotton, Wolfe County, bachelor son of Peter and Mary Labor, same place, and Lydia Ann Degoosh of Sherbrook, spinster, a minor, daughter of Joseph and Betsey Ann Degoosh of same place, were married by special license on this fourth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and seventy by me, R. Duff.

Joseph had been married to Marie-Celine Martin.  I have not yet found a record of her death, but in that era, being Catholic, it is presumed she died, and wasn’t divorced.  I do not know the purpose of the phrase “by special license”.  Lydia was 19, so shouldn’t have been considered under age.  Perhaps this was because they were of different religions, or perhaps a waiting period was waived. 

Joseph had three surviving small sons.  In 1871, Louis and Theophile, ages 11 and 8, were living with their grandparents.  In 1871, Lydia and Joseph and their first child were living in Shipton, near her parents, and the Shannon family. Joseph was a laborer. Joseph’s son Louis and Theophile (Frank T) were living with Joseph’s parents. I have not yet found the third son, Marcel, who would have been about six.

Lydia and Joseph moved to Barton VT, and had several children.  Luvia was born 27 November 1870, Nancy on 14 December 1871 (probably in Shipton), Mary born 10 June 1874 in Barton, and Joseph Henry born 20 July 1876 in Barton.  Another possible son for them is William Walter Labor, born 19 Oct 1879 in Lyndonville VT.  However, in some records, William’s last name is Garey.  Lydia was in the 1880 census in Barton with her parents, brothers Nathanial, Samuel, and Thomas, her four Labor children, including one called Gerry, who I think may be William.  Joseph was not with her.  Lydia and Joseph eventually divorced.  He later married a woman named Annie, and died in 1899.

Lydia’s next husband was Thomas Garey.  I have not found a marriage record for them.  He was in the 1880 census in Barton, single, laborer.  I believe that William was probably their first son, followed by Aaron born 19 February 1881. They may have had other children.  She and Thomas divorced.  He married Anna Belle McDonald, and died in 1927. 

Lydia married William Francis Paul about 1883.  They had three children, Ethel born in 1884, Samuel in 1885, and Myrtle in 1889.  The Paul family moved to Quebec, and was counted there in the 1891 census.  The group included William and Liddy, plus Willie and Aaron, and Ethel, Samuel, and Mirtie.  Lydia’s father Joseph, and brother Thomas completed the household.  William was a farmer, and his family was Church of England. 

The family returned to Barton before the 1900 census.  William was a farmer.  Lydia’s son Joseph Labor lived with them.  William W and Aaron A Geary were in the family, as well as Lydia’s three youngest children, and her brother Thomas.  This census says that Lydia had 12 children, and nine are still living.  Those still living in 1900 are Luvia, Nancy, Mary, Joseph, William, Aaron, Ethel, Samuel, and Myrtle, who are all the children I’ve identified.  If this record is accurate, then three who died very young are still to be identified.  I think this number was recorded in error.

Myrtle died in 1903, and Ethel in 1908.  In 1910, Lydia and William were living with her son William, who then was called Labor, and his wife and child.  This record says that she has had 9 children born, but the “still living” column is hard to read. 

Lydia died 21 September 1914 in Barton She was buried at Lakeview Cemetery with her two daughters.  The Orleans County Monitor published her obituary on Sept 30, 1914:  Barton – Mrs. William Paul died at her home near Barton September 21 from tuberculosis after an illness of nearly three years.  Mrs. Paul was born in Sherbrook and was a woman about 60 years old.  She was married three times and several children survive her.  For a number of years she has resided near Barton.  Several of her children now live in the village.   Besides seven children now living Mrs. Paul leaves a sister, Mrs. G. R. Stevens, and brother Thomas Degoosh of Barton and a brother Nathan Degoosh of West Derby.  The funeral services were at the house.  Rev. W. A. Warner officiated and burial was in the cemetery at Westmore.

A thank-you card was also printed in the paper:  We desire to express our heartfelt thanks to the neighbors and friends during the sickness of our loved one and for the many beautiful flowers received.

            William Paul   

            Joseph and William Labor   

            A. Garey   

            S. A. Paul   

            Mrs. William Leggett

            Mrs. C. H. Richards   

            Mrs. C. P. Piper

 Mrs. C.H. Richards is Lydia’s daughter Nancy.  Mrs. Leggat is Luvia, and Mrs. Piper is Mary, wife of C. B. Pimer


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