Joseph Labor married Mary King 8 Aug 1874

This story starts in the middle.  Joseph Labor, born about 1829 in Canada, was counted in the 1880 census in Burke, VT.  His wife was named Mary, and they had a three-year-old daughter named “Losa”.  Our Joseph Labor of Barton was born about the same time in Canada, and was not with his wife in the 1880 census in Barton.  Was this him?  

Vermont Marriages Index lists Joseph marrying Mary King on 8 August 1874 in Newport VT.  Joseph was listed as the son of Peter Labor and Julia Mossa.  Coincidentally, the father of Joseph of Barton was also Peter (Pierre) but the mother’s name did not match. 

The daughter “Losa” was really Mary Louisa Jennie Labor, and she married Alphonse Daigle in 1892 in Burke, and they had four children.  The 1900 census for Burke lists Joseph and Mary, plus the Daigle family.  Since Joseph of Barton died in 1899, that also helps rule him out as being the same person.  Joseph of Burke died 19 March 1901, in Lyndon VT, and his father was listed as Peter.  Mary died 7 May 1924 in Lyndon. 

Since I like to find all the records I can, I started looking for pre-1880 records for Joseph. 

Joseph Genest was born 17 February 1827 in Becancour, Quebec, the son of Pierre Genest Labarre and Maria Julia Masse.  Julia died in 1854, and Pierre in 1859.   I was not able to find the family in the 1851 census.

Then I found a record that said Joseph (son of Pierre and Julia) married Marie Salome Ricard on 17 April 1855 at Ste-Gertrude, Nicolet, Quebec.  They were in the 1861 census at Ste-Gertrude.  Joseph was a farmer, and they lived in a one-story, one-family wood house. 

In 1871, the family was listed in Ste-Gertrude.  Joseph was a journalier, which is a day-laborer.  Joseph and Salome had at least six children.  Then I found Joseph in the 1881 census in Ste-Gertrude.  He was a widower, but by now, should have been married to Mary King.  Then there he was in the 1891 census in Ste-Gertrude.  I did not find him in Quebec in 1901. 

I even wondered if perhaps he was running two households, on either side of the border, but neither Burke nor the parish of Ste-Gertrude are close to the border.  Sooo…..Joseph Labor of Burke is not the same person as Joseph Labor of Barton.  But were there two couples named Pierre Genest dit Labarre and Julia Mossa who had a son named Joseph?  Perhaps a reader can help me out with this puzzler. 




  1. Carmen Labarre said,

    February 14, 2016 at 05:46

    Joseph Genest dit Labarre, son of Pierre Genest & Julie Mossa (Massé), burial at Bécancour, QC June 05-1909 at the age of 82 years old. He was married to Salomée Célina Ricard Ste-Gertrude 1855 and she was burial at Ste-Gertrude June 15, 1872 and Joseph Labor remarried to Mary King in Vermont 1874. Is that I have for this couple. In census 1910, Mary King always living in Vermont with her daughter.

  2. Darrell said,

    February 16, 2018 at 19:13

    Joseph is my cousin 4x removed. His great grandparents are Joseph Genest dit Labarre and Marie Agathe Bourbeau. His brother and our descendant is Adrien Genest (1762-1817). From Joseph and Marie Agathe, the Joseph Labor of Burke: Joseph Genest/Josephte Marcheteau dit Desnoyers–>Pierre Genest/Julie Masse–>Joseph Genest (Labor) of Burke. Darrell

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