Henry Cota married Elizabeth LaClair 12 August 1855

Henry Cota was born 11 November 1836 in Milton, Quebec, son of Daniel Cota and Mabel Fallot.  Elizabeth LaClair was born 26 October 1836, also in Milton, daughter of Basil LaClair (or LeClair) and Amable Gosselin.  I was not able to find Henry’s or Elizabeth’s families in the early censuses of Quebec. 

Henry and Elizabeth married 12 August 1855 in Essex VT.  In 1860, they lived in Essex, and Henry was a railroad laborer.  Daughter Elizabeth was 2.  His real estate was valued at $300, and his personal property at $100. Henry and Elizabeth could not read or write.  It is possible that they lived in a multifamily house, as there were three different family groups (by name) that were each assigned their own property values, but were listed as all one household.

There is a Henry Cota who served during the Civil War in the 14th Vermont Infantry.   I do not know if this is the same person. 

By 1871, Henry and Elizabeth had moved to Ste Cécile de Milton in Quebec.  The family was Catholic.  Four more children had joined the family – Mary Jane, William Henry, Martha, and Cordelia (Cora).  Henry was a farmer. 

In 1880, Henry and Betsey lived in Hartford VT.  Henry was a railroad wood hand.   The final three children had been born – George, Etta, and Lilla. 

Henry and Elizabeth may have gone their separate ways.  In 1900, Henry was living with his son William and daughter-in-law Nellie in Hartford.  I have not found Elizabeth.  In 1910, Bessie Cota was living with her daughter, Mary J (Mrs. John) Sloan in Bartlett NH.   

Elizabeth died 6 November 1910 in Bartlett.  I found a Henry Cote boarding with a family in Stark NH.  He is the right age to be this person, and was born in Canada.  I went through the 1910 census Hartford VT, and found many pages that were faded and illegible.  The son Henry probably lived there in 1910, but I couldn’t find him either.  It is possible that they just didn’t get indexed because the pages were so faded.  Henry died 9 Nov 1917 in Lebanon NH and was buried at White River Junction.  



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