Joseph C Hodges married Sarah Banks 16 August 1864

Joseph C Hodges was born 12 July 1839 in Millville, Kings County, Nova Scotia, the sixth of 11 children of John Clear Hodges (from Ireland) and Rachel Parker (Loyalist).  In 1851, the Hodges family lived in Aylesford ( township) where John was a farmer.  They lived in Kings County in 1861.  The record says six males, seven females, but unfortunately, only the head of the household is named.  Aylesford township (south) includes numerous small communities, including Millville, Factorydale, Morristown, and others. 

Sarah Banks was born 4 March 1833 in Torbrook, in Annapolis County, NS, the first of eight children of Ezekial Banks and Sarah Elizabeth Parker. 

On 16 August, 1864, in Aylesford, Joseph Hodges, farmer,  married Sarah Banks.  Sarah’s mother Sarah, and Joseph’s mother Rachel were sisters, so Sarah and Joseph were cousins.  In addition, Sarah’s sister Susanna married Joseph’s brother Jonathan C Hodges.  When Susanna died, their sister Angelina married Jonathan as his second wife.

The 1871 census lists Joseph Hodges and family living in Aylesford South, next door to his brother Jonathan.  The family was of Irish descent (he was, but not his wife).  He was a farmer.  The children were their daughters Loretta was 6, Bertha 4, Lydia 3, and Lillian 1.  Lillian is actually Wilhmina who died at age 20 months and is buried at the old Morristown cemetery.  Another daughter, Edith, was born in 1873. 

In 1881, the family was still in Aylesforth South.  Children were Loretta, Lenna Bertha, Elvida (called Lydia in the previous census) and Edith.  They lived a few doors away from his parents and still next door to his brother Jonathan C.   

The 1891 census shows them still farming in Millville, and living next to Jonathan.  With them are their daughter Loretta and her husband Archibald Taylor and son Melbourn.  Joseph’s oldest sister Hannah had never married and lived with her parents, but John died in 1886 and Rachel in 1890, so she was living with Joseph and Sarah. 

By 1901, Joseph and Sarah were listed as living in Greenwood. I think this means a change of community borders rather than an actual move. Joseph was still a farmer.  Their daughter Loretta lived with them, along husband Archibald Taylor with their two sons, Melburne and Spurgin.  The 1902 and 1907 Nova Scotia directory list Hodges, Joseph, farmer in Millville. 

Sarah died 7 November 1908, and is buried in the new section of the Morristown cemetery.  In 1911, Archibald Taylor was listed as the head of household, and Joseph lived with them.  His death record says Joseph died 26 February 1915, age 75, of Millville, cause of death, old age.  He shares a headstone with his wife:  In memory of Joseph C. Hodges, died Feb 26, 1915, aged 75.  “We shall meet again.”



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