Robert C Hintz died 20 August 1946

Robert Hintz was born 3 June 1894 in Leipzig, North Dakota, the fifth of nine children of Christoph Hintz and Sophia Fink.  His parents were ethnic Germans from Russia who had come to the US in 1885, and homesteaded in Leipzig, north of Elgin.  His younger brother Wilhelm died at age 18 months, in 1899.

The 1900 census lists the Hintz family at Township 135 in Morton County (now part of Grant County.)  Christoph was a farmer.  He died later that year.  The 1910 census lists the family at the same location.  Sophia was the head of household.  Samuel and Adolf had married and moved out.  John, Reinhold, Robert, Emilie, and Anna were still at home.  Robert was confirmed at the Hope Lutheran Church in Leipzig ND on March 15, 1908. 

By the time of the 1915 state census, Robert was on his own, in Taylor, Stark county. Taylor is a small town that dates back to 1882, and currently has a population of about 150, but is near the larger town of Dickenson.  (In 2000, the population density of Taylor was 300 people per square mile, but the town was only 1/2 mile square!)   The census did not list occupations.  Robert attended business college in Fargo.  Robert registered for the WW1 draft while living in Taylor.  His occupation was assistant cashier at Taylor State Bank.  He was described as medium height, medium build, blue eyes, light brown hair, no disabilities, and single. 

Robert C. Hintz is listed on the Grant County Veterans Memorial as having served in WWI.   He is listed in “Roster of the Men and Women who served in the Army or Naval Service (including the Marine Corps) of the United States or its Allies from the State of North Dakota in the World War, 1917-1918 Volume 2”  Robert C. Hintz Army #: 87,500 Registrant: yes, Stark county Birth Place: New Leipzig, N. Dak. Birth Date: 03 Jun 1894 Parent’s Origin: of Russian parents Occupation: banker Comment: enlisted in Company K, 1st Infantry, North Dakota National Guard, at Dickinson, on June 11, 1917; served in Company K, 1st Infantry, North Dakota National Guard (Company K, 164th Infantry), to June 27, 1918; 3rd Army Headquarters Company, Service Battalion, to Feb. 3, 1919; Headquarters, 139th Military Police Battalion, to discharge. Grades: Corporal, Oct. 1, 1917; Battalion Sergeant Major, Oct. 7, 1918; overseas from Dec. 15, 1917, to June 29, 1919. Discharged at Camp Devens, Mass., on July 1, 1919, as a Battalion Sergeant Major.

Robert returned to North Dakota after the war, and in 1920 lived in Dunn Center.  He was able to read and write, and lived in a boarding house while working as a cashier’s assistant at the bank.   During his lifetime, he also taught school and clerked in a store.  Dunn Center was only formed in 1914, and even today has a population of only about 150 people.

On 7 April 1923, Robert married Lena L Diehl, at her sister’s home in Modesto, CA.  The 1925 ND state census lists Robert and Lena in Dunn Center.  It doesn’t list addresses or occupations. 

The 1930 census lists Robert and Lena in Dunn Center.  This census asks for age at first marriage (as opposed to number of years married.)   Robert was married at age 29, or in 1925.  Lena’s age at first marriage was 18.  In the census, she claims to be 34, or born in 1896, so was 18 in 1914.  I actually have her birth year as 1888, so a marriage at 18 would have been in 1906.  Either way, this doesn’t match the 1923 marriage date, so it appears that this was her second marriage, and I do not know if Diehl is her maiden or first married name.  Robert was a land agent in a realtor’s office.  Lena was the post mistress in the post office.  Robert and Lena adopted a daughter they named Jeanette, who was born in 1926. 

Robert died 20 August 1946 in Fargo.  Lena died in 1960.


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