Bert LaBombard married Josephine Yelle 21 August 1911

Bert William LaBombard was born 13 February 1885 in Ellenberg NY, the eighth of 12 children of John P LaBombard and Lavina Bordeau.  The family was counted in the 1892 state census in Ellenburg. 

John moved the family to Lebanon, and the family was counted there in the 1900 census.  John was a farmer.  Albert was a student. 

The 1907 Lebanon city directory listed Bert as a farm hand, boarding with his brother Fred.   The 1910 census listed Bert as living with his father at the family home on High Street.  Bert was a merchant at a grocery and meat market.  His younger brother Louis was a clerk there.    

Josephine Yelle was born 1 October 1887 in St-Antoine-Abbé at Châteauguay, Quebec, the fourth of nine children of Hilaire Yelle and Josephine Decosse.  The family was in the 1891 census at St-Antoine-Abbé in Châteauguay.  Her father was a farm laborer. 

The family moved to the US, and in 1900 lived on Harriston Street in  Fall River, MA, where it seems that members of the family worked in the mills.  Josephine, age 14, was a spooler.  The family moved back to Châteauguay, Quebec, in time to be counted there in the 1901 census.

The family moved to the US in 1903.  Josephine’s father died in 1909, and in 1910, Josephine lived with her widowed mother at 30 West Street in Lebanon.  She worked in a hosiery mill.   

On 21 August 1911, Bert married Josephine in Lebanon.  They were married by Peter C Gamache, priest.  Bert was a clerk, Josephine was a mill operator. 

The 1915/1916 Lebanon directory lists Bert as living at 20 Granite street, working as a baker on Hanover Street.  When he registered for the WWI draft, they lived at 20 West street in Lebanon.  He was employed by L N Labombard  (brother Louis Nelson) at 65 Hanover.  He was described as medium height, medium build, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, no disabilities. 

The 1920 census shows the family at 20 High Street.  They owned their home, and could read and write.  Bert was a retail merchant selling meats and groceries.  The family included children Lillian (1910-1969), Irene (1915-1987), and Richard (1917-1878).  Josephine’s brother Stanislaus lived with them.  Daughter Rachel was stillborn, 9 July 1920.  Another daughter, Georgiana, came later (1928-1999).

The 1922 Lebanon directory lists Bert as a grocer at 65 Hanover street, living at 87 Hanover street.  The 1924 directory is similar, except that it looks like he had taken over the store from his brother Louis.  The store is now called B W Labombard’s. 

Bert and Josephine still lived at 87 Hanover street in Lebanon in 1930.  He was listed as a dealer in grain, flour, and food. Josephine died 20 February 1934 in Lebanon and is buried at Mount Calvary cemetery. Headstone:  Josephine Yelle wife of BW LaBombard 1883-1934

In 1938, the city directory lists Bert at the same home, a grain and feed dealer. 

On 6 August 1938, Bert married Eva M Oliver, widow of Charles J Fagan, and daughter of John Oliver and Louise Laroque.  Bert’s occupation was grain dealer.  Eva was a photographer.  They were married by John A Belford, Roman Catholic Priest. 

The 1941 directory lists Bert as a milk dealer and Eva as proprietor of LaBombard Studio.  When Bert registered for the WWII draft in 1942, he was 57, and they still lived at 87 Hanover Street.  He reported that he was a self employed farmer and landlord, and was described as 5’5”, 134 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair, and ruddy complexion. 

By 1949, they had moved to Hough street.  Bert had no occupation, and Eva was still proprietor of LaBombard studio.  The 1952 directory gives the address as 7 Hough. 

Bert died 21 January 1953 in Lebanon, and is buried at Mount Calvary.  Headstone:  Bert W. LaBombard 1885-1954.

Eva moved to Massachusetts, and died 25 November 1974 in Auburn MA. 



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